Learning With Laughter, Wouldn’t That Be a Great Idea?

Children’s Author & Recovering Public School Teacher, Mary Lee Kendal, thinks it is.

It’s always nice to hear a little positivity, especially, when there is so much “noise” around us.  The hosts at Blog Talk Radio, “Your Personal GPS” do just that, promote positivity.

According to blog talk radio host Koby Dumas, he loves to learn, and he loves to laugh, so why not! It sounds great to me.” Mary Lee Kendal is a children’s author, with a Dr. Seuss signature style who loves sharing her vision of “helping kids overcome social issues” with anyone who will listen.  

The Blog Talk Radio Host Koby Dumas and co-host Isaac Desoto bring out the best in their guests with an easy, comfortable tone.  “They made me feel like I was sitting in their living room, having a chat,” said Kendal

It’s hard in the school system for kids, and it’s also difficult for teachers.  Can you imagine trying to keep a child’s attention long enough to teach them in a world of cell phones, nonstop games, and social media distractions?   Isaac agreed 100% with Mary Lee when she stated, “What I realized while teaching is that teachers need to be entertaining without being entertainment. “

Although Mary Lee Kendal doesn’t teach in the public schools any longer, she uses her education and creativity to write relatable social stories for young readers. Her stories help kids (and parents) understand bullying, being shy, body shaming, and anxiety, and being okay with new experiences to name a few. 

You can enjoy the entire interview with Author Mary Lee Kendal here, and if you want to help generate and spread positive energy in the world, you can listen live every Thursday 9 am PST/12 noon EST at Blog Talk Radio.

About Mary Lee:

Mary is a Children’s Author, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an aunt, a partner, a dog Mom, a beach lover & master of the grill. A Pig in a Wig, The Goat on a Boat & Why Can’t I? are available on Kindle, the Kindle App, and in paperback from Amazon.  Her next book will be a rhyming Christmas story with a special message about Love.

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