Quicklove App Launches in Las Vegas Addressing Depression and Unemployment

News from Navil Lertora (CEO Quicklove)
New App Quicklove will be launching in Las Vegas.
No more fake profiles.

(Las Vegas, NV). Quicklove is excited to announce the launch of their App in Las Vegas addressing depression and unemployment. Created by a Henderson Local, the Video Streaming App focuses on ‘enhancing’ connections among strangers. Becoming a tool for communication ‘in Real Time’, the App delivers an appropriately designed platform, focused on people’s daily needs.

Navil Lertora, CEO and Founder of Quicklove, feels confident that this will help many in need of expanding their ‘social reach’, either for Work or Romantic purposes. The project is currently launched on Indiegogo, and the operational prototype includes connecting widgets for people looking for ‘Friendships, Dating, and Jobs’. The system also provides a custom ‘Wallet’, which you’ll be able to use for buying and selling products, as well as ‘hiring’ Services from other Users in the App. Quicklove’s mission is to boost people’s assertiveness when it comes to going out and meeting somebody, rather than limiting their social life to their smartphones.

“It’s ironic, Social Media is creating Anti-social behavior, and it is not getting better,” said Lertora, creator of the App, “Quicklove was built to encourage users to turn that behavior around. While other communication platforms focus on the ‘content’ that users share, Quicklove focuses in incentivizing strangers to connect and share. This concentrates the attention on the person in front of you, and not on some random content that appears on your smartphone.”

With an MBA in Business, Navil became motivated with the idea of having only one App that can address three main social needs: The need to have a Job, make friends, and have a romantic relationship. Also, Quicklove aims to solve one of the biggest issues in Social Media today: ‘How do I know if the person I’m interacting with is really him/her?’. Lertora’s goal is to provide people with a system that will provide practical solutions to these daily issues.

“If we had had an App like this many years ago, many of us would have more contacts and resources today for our Business and Social needs,” Navil continues, “especially if the system is built to make fake profiles easily detectable. You can’t hide behind a live call. It’s a common known fact that ‘It’s not about what you know, but who you know’. People forget that most important is ‘Who knows you’. Being that a new recession seems to be coming, Quicklove can also help people keep their economy active. That’s why ‘networking’ is a big thing in developed cities. Let’s take that to a global level.”

With the ability of doing live businesses and transactions in the App, Quicklove sets itself apart from other platforms by being oriented more as a Communicational System. This way, Lertora aims for the App to become more of a ‘Social Tool’, with the sole purpose of making people’s daily life easier.

Go to the App’s official website (www.quicklove.pro) and stay updated with the latest news.

Indiegogo: https://tinyurl.com/qlappindie

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