Austin, TX The transitional period from treatment to normal life has been the most difficult and challenging moments in an addict’s life. During this period, the treated addict is required to resume living independently, adjusting to the old addict life. It is at this trying times that most addicts go back to their old state due to inadequate support. Austin Sober Homes is the premier recovery community in Texas, offering treated addicts a place to stay and continue recovery while doing their best to live an independent life.

Austin Sober Homes are better than any old Halfway Houses in Austin Texas. They specialized in providing secondary support to addicts who have undergone treatment programs to finally regain full recovery and begin to living independently. The drug-free and alcohol-free residency provides the treated addict with stability, safety, community, and support while they transit out of treatment and back to the “real world.” They serve as a bridge between the rehabs and the real world, helping to gain mastery in living independently without any addiction.

They focus on supporting treatment so that they can regain personal confidence, a sense of control and feel comfortable living on their own. The environment is everything: living in an environment with other people who are learning how to live alone in the real world without any in-patient and out-patient support programs often help the addicts to gain the personal confidence required to live on their own.

Residents are hopefully (re)conditioned to live in the sober living environment, as though they were living on their own. Residents are encouraged to eat three healthy meals per day, attend support and group meetings, go to medical or counseling appointments, and participate in social activities with other residents. Residents with employment line up are allowed to maintain the employment while modeling positive work attitudes such as getting to work on time, going to bed at a reasonable hour, and working a full shift.

“Our Austin Sober Living home provides residents with a place to continue recovery. They are able to live relatively independently, going to school or work as needed, and largely managing their own schedule. However, there are rules and structure in place to help support their recovery, including the most important requirement, which is to maintain sobriety,” said the spokesperson of the company. “As part of the home, residents would be required to attend meetings, and we can refer to additional support and counseling as well is needed or desired. The goal of our structured, substance-free is to prepare residents for living independently.”

Austin Sober Homes offers group living environments. Residents have roommates who act as comrades and ignite their spirit through the recovery. The roommates serve as a built-in support system as well as accountability for staying sober. There are other professionals and peers at the premises who also to help residents recover quickly.

Austin Sober Homes can be conveniently located at 348 Stone View Trail Austin, TX 78737. Contact them via phone at (512) 746-7171, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

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