INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS | PORTAL (IPP) Offers a Variety Branded & Lifestyle Products

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania – Aug 31, 2018 – Innovative Products | Portal [also referred to as “IPP”] operates an online store where the consumer will find an assortment of innovative products for the home décor, fashion solutions, travel items, workout equipment, and specialty gift items for both men and women.  They also feature two brands – KidZone by IPP product line for infant and children and their popular PetZone by IPP product line for pet lovers.  Their store is featured on all the popular social media channels, including Facebook and Amazon Prime so customers can purchase with confidence.  IPP operates a branded store front on Amazon to provide convenience to its customers for its branded products.  PetZone by IPP covers a number of options for more than a hundred breeds. Pet lovers can purchase anything they need for their beloved companion at a one-stop shop like Innovative Products | Portal. 

IPP prides itself on stuffing the shelves with the items that pet lovers what to spoil and showcase their pets with and need. From backpacks, beddings, tote bags, flip flops, specialty watches, sneakers, faux fur boots, bathrobe, wallet case, car seat covers, slip on, to the framed pet themed canvas, everything is readily available. They are a full-service pet-related product provider for everyone.  

What separates them from the competition is some of their solutions are pet-printed. Their beddings, bathrobe, or car seat covers are customized. Of course, all pet lovers want to use unique and exclusive items for their animals. At IPP, they provide what their clients need. Printing the face of pets on bedding or incorporating the feet on a bathrobe is always possible. Whatever the ideas or designs of their customers, they can make it happen. 

Since it’s usually about fashion and style, IPP has an assortment of option – including the new breed-based sneakers that’s the craze.  They make their sneaker specially tailored for all the major pet breeds to assure the optimal selection.  It does surely stand out from the others and its sure to catch the pet lover’s attention. 

Aside from their vast array of products and options they carry, IPP takes great pride in the quality of their offerings. They make sure that every product comes from excellent materials. Consumers are assured to have a meaningful and worthwhile investment that will last and serve them well.  Their products are also available at a fair and reasonable cost.  Like a few of the most reliable companies in the industry, IPP is embodied and supported by a team of versatile and dedicated professionals. There’s a flexible and talented staff in every manufacturing process, and they surely leverage that to deliver. Users will have the peace of mind that their products are of high quality and made with love. 


IPP is designed with its customers in mind – providing six (6) main categories to serve their customer’s needs. Their goal is to give the customer a great shopping experience with interesting and innovative products to choose from, all the while giving them a great visual experience.  With over 40 collections and over 6,000 specialty products to choose from, they are bound to have something of interest for their shopper.  Their unique PetZone brand offering separates them from the masses, offering the right solution for various pet lovers looking for unique products for their loved ones at an affordable cost.  Anyone who wants to experience a huge difference in shopping can visit them for that personal touch – they are unmatched in terms of quality and commitment. 

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