The Open DoVision Virtual Reality Headset Offers Amazing Graphics and Superior Responsiveness for A Modest Price

Virtual reality has long been a staple of science fiction, but as technology has matured, the ability to interact with computer generated environments with greater immersion is finally within reach of the average consumer. The Open DoVision virtual reality headset is a modestly priced VR tool (only $99) that enables gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers to interact with their medium in much more detail. The Open DoVision headset is comfortably worn on the head, and controls the mouse functionality of a game. By transferring the imagery to screens only a few centimeters from the user’s eyes, the Open DoVision headset allows them to lose themselves in their entertainment.

In addition to outstanding graphics and almost instantaneous responsiveness, the Open DoVision headset also offers incomparable versatility. Developers can use the open source code as a platform for integration with games, mobile systems or movies. Users can personalize the headset—which is fully 3D printable—according to taste. For those only wish to escape into their favorite game or movie, the Open DoVision only requires plugging in two cables to operate.  This breakthrough headset is also compatible with an array of connectors including HDMI, VGA and USB ports. There are also Lens Fixers available which can substitute various size lenses to match viewing needs.

The Open DoVision headset is almost ready for mass production and distribution, but it still needs additional funds to finish development prior to launch next year. To complete this important project Dotlab has sponsored fundraising and early adopter campaign on Kickstarter.  Backers may obtain the Open DoVision headset at the early bird price of $99.

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