Fizzly Nabs Coveted “Kickstarter Staff Pick” Badge and Hits $25k Marker

Boston, MA – On Nov 3rd, Fizzly launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new smart tracker that can be used in coordination with an Android or iPhone device to track an object’s movements in the real world. The product, called a ‘Fizzly,’ can be worn or attached to objects in the surrounding environment like a skateboard, plush ball, or even mailbox door. After downloading the Fizzly app, users can track the movements of the object and assign actions that can be performed upon specific motions, like receiving an alert on your phone when your front door opens. 

“Once powered-on and paired with a smartphone or a tablet, Fizzly is designed to stream live data from its sensors to all devices it is paired with or to save them for later transfer,” says Maurizio Caporali, Aidilab CEO. “When Fizzly detects an action, it will immediately communicate it to the paired device, triggering a specific event depending on the chosen app and on the tracked movements. That could trigger sounds, notifications, lights or whatever your imagination suggests.”

Fizzly’s wireless communication is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart technology, the newest standard for extremely power-efficient wireless communication. A very accurate embedded three axis accelerometer precisely tracks movements, combined with a three-axis magnetometer and gyro. Unlike other smart devices, the Fizzly’s onboard rechargeable battery can last up to one year, depending on usage.

The team behind the hit product is also responsible for UDOO, a popular single board computer for DIY that was also successfully Kickstarted to the tune of $641k+. The team has returned to Kickstarter to help finance Fizzly’s initial production run. “Our mission is to deliver great products for brilliant and creative people,” says Antonio Rizzo, the Scientific Coordinator. 

“With Fizzly we want people to have fun, Kids to learn the basic logics behind smart objects, and creative people to exploit all the possibilities offered by Fizzly. Kickstarter and crowdfunding are great ways of letting your backers to partecipate with feedbacks and suggestions to the final development stage of the product, and we received plenty of  clever ones so far.”

The project, which has already raised over $25k from more than 350 backers has been selected as a “Kickstarter Staff Pick” and has gained the attention of news outlets like Wired, Gadgetify, Geeky Gadgets, and more. In exchange for pledging to the project, early adopters gain access to exclusive rewards including branded t-shirts, a discounted version of the Fizzly, clip mounts, early API access to the Fizzly software, and more. 

The Kickstarter campaign will be live until Jan 2nd, during which time backers can become a part of the project and support Fizzly’s further development. For more information, contact the creators of this project below or check out the Kickstarter campaign here

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