Steiger has created the first pill case specifically designed for travel

Road Warrior Travel Pill Case
New type of travel pill box is waterproof, spill-proof, impact-resistant and easy to use.

Scott Steiger lives in St. Louis but has seen most of the world. As an engineer for the past 20 years, he’s traveled extensively and prior to that, Steiger was a member of the military service. He’s been to six of the seven continents. Travel is a big part of his life.

So when he designs a product specifically for travelers, he has a pretty good idea of what’s required.

His latest creation is the Road Warrior, a waterproof, spill-proof, impact-resistant travel pill case that is backed up with a 15-year warranty.

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“This is a market that has been full of gimmicky products for a long time,” said Steiger. “We’ve come up with a product that is practical, compact and durable. As a longtime traveler myself, I have an entire bag of travel pill cases from the local drugstores that do a great job at home, but are not meant for the road.”

He pointed out that many people who are young and on the move – like business travelers, outdoorsmen, pilots, airline professionals and military – take daily prescription medications. They all need a travel pill organizer that has multiple compartments, can be taken on a plane, is easy to use and can take a beating.

The Road Warrior fills the bill.  It’s moisture-resistant, dishwasher safe, TSA-compliant, UV-tolerant and has eight compartments. It’s compact enough to fit easily inside a suitcase or briefcase. Plus, the Road Warrior has translucent screw-on lids for each compartment, making it easy to see the medication inside. This waterproof pill case is also eco-friendly, made of 100 percent recycled materials.

In addition, mail order pharmaceuticals, with medication that often comes in large bottles, is more prevalent than ever. The Road Warrior provides a much more compact storage option.

Steiger and his team at PharmaArmor™ have developed 2D and 3D designs, working closely with manufacturers and suppliers to determine costs. Prototypes have been created and tested in real-life situations.

“We’ve got a really good product,” he said. “This travel pill case does what it’s supposed to do. There’s nothing currently on the market like the Road Warrior.”

In order to get the Road Warrior out to the public, PharmaArmor needs $54,719 in start-up funding for materials, manufacturing, shipping and marketing. To generate this capital, Steiger has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $35, backers will receive a Road Warrior travel pill case. That’s 20 percent off the regular retail price. A $50 pledge is rewarded with the Road Warrior plus a sturdy lanyard from Northwest Knot Works. All Kickstarter supporters will receive a lifetime warranty on their purchases. “Our philosophy is pretty simple,” said Steiger. “Build a great product, offer it to people and back it up for life.”

For additional information, visit; the PharmaArmor website,; or the Road warrior Facebook page, You can also access information at by typing “Road Warrior” in the search box.

Steiger can be reached directly at Scott@PharmaArmor.Com

Road Warrior Travel Pill Case
Road Warrior Travel Pill Case


Road Warrior Travel Pill Case
Road Warrior Travel Pill Case

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