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Delhi & NCR, December 18, 2012 – It is usually believed that a lot of times things right under our nose constantly change without giving us any prior hints or premonitions. And, what we do is fall prey to situations like this. Why do we do get challenged so easily? Look back and you realise that as human beings we have taken up a lot of challenges and accomplished them with aplomb. Then why do we give up on the nth hour? Overall Travel has an answer for it. Continue reading and you will find the real reason behind it.

Each of us claims to be so called “change-loving” person however in reality none of us likes “change”. The reality is that we run away from “change”. Or rather, we elongate the word by adding a few letters right in the centre and make it “challenge”. We complicate it further and then forget to take the lead. It was when we were born, we took a stand. And, we stood. Then we walked and slowly started running. Each time we fell, we learnt something hard. And then, we realized that running doesn’t help in long distances and here came travel into our lives. And this is how Overall Travel came.     

Look at your life and you realize that you don’t need too much to stay happy but just keep the choice in your control. It is the same choice that also controls your thoughts on your life story of “From–Challenge–To–Change”. all in all, a very little is required by each of us. Like Mr. Bhupender Mehta, Founder & CEO of Overall Travel says, “A little garden in which to walk, and immensity in which to dream…” And the rest helps in creating history.

So, possess as many destinations as you want and you realize that life has found its meaning. And more importantly, life is finally meeting its objective…


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