New Online App, “The Stress Test Factor”, Is Being Used To Help Every Day People Manage Stress Better

Stressed out? Don’t worry, the all new Stress Test Factor Online App, will check & issue user’s stress temperature results in just minutes!

Between worrying about paying bills, enjoying social life, problems with work, concerns about family members, day to day hassles, and difficult people in life, there are a lot of things to be stressed about.

With that said, anything that allows us to take our minds off of the stress of life, and clear our heads, will work wonders in the long term.

Although experiencing stressful events can’t always be avoided, Clarissa Lei, Creator of the Stress Test Factor Online App, believes we all have the power to change our lives at any moment by understanding our stress triggers from the beginning!

Therefore, rather than its technology revealing how stressed out one might be (to which most people respond, “yes, now tell me something that I do not know.”), The Stress Test Factor Online App will quickly assess how one is coping with the stressors in their life. The mere presence of stress alone does not imply something problematic.

The key is how users react to the stress and to determine this, The Stress Test Factor’s results, will give users a temperature gauge of …Cold/Frozen, Cool, Warm, or Hot… which are indicative of how well they are managing their stress levels.

Once users take this brief online app, they will receive information on how, healthy or not, their coping strategies are and more. For a limited time only, users who go to check their Stress Temperature via The Stress Test Factor Online App, will receive a free copy of Clarissa Lei’s new book, Stress, The Silent Killer.

Try out the new Stress Test Factor Online App today by going to and get your free copy of Stress, The Silent Killer by Clarissa Lei’.

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