Inabuggy Offers To Pick, Pack, And Deliver Groceries To Any Home In One Hour Or Less

Today, it seems that there isn’t just enough time to do everything people need to get done. Inabuggy offers to help make life a little bit easier by offering to do people’s grocery. They will pick the items the customer needs, pack them carefully, and deliver it to their doorsteps.

Time is gold as they say and it’s our most valuable resource. It’s no surprise that most people choose how to spend their time wisely, spending it in worthwhile and memorable ways. Time spent getting groceries are not a luxury everyone has. Inabuggy is an online grocery and alcohol delivery service that fulfills and delivers orders in as little as 1 hour. Their team of online shoppers does the grocery for the customers, picking, packing and delivering the groceries. Customers can shop with in-store pricing at their preferred grocery stores and have it delivered to their home or office. Inabuggy is committed to making their customers’ lives easier by giving back time for things they love to do.

Inabuggy operates in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary and they shop from local stores in the area. It is an independent business that is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by retailers. They promise to deliver groceries to the customer’s doorstep in as little as one hour. Customers can choose to have their delivery scheduled the same day as well as up to 3 days in advance. Inabuggy will also pick produce for the customer. Their trained staff are very meticulous and experts at picking and packing produce and other perishables. They pay attention to expiry dates and select the longest expiry date when choosing particular items.

For items not in their inventory, their website has a special note feature where customers can type in special notes for the shoppers to read. Inabuggy keeps track of customer request so they can add the item in their inventory next time. For items out-of-stock, their shoppers will do their best to offer a replacement by substituting it with something similar. If the customer permits it, they will give them a call to confirm the replacement items available.

With Inabuggy’s many retail partners, there are very few items that aren’t available for Inabuggy to purchase for customers. With Inabuggy, customers don’t have to spend the better part of their weekend grocery shopping. They can spend it doing something productive and worthwhile, something they actually enjoy doing.

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