Are we really mobile?

Portable power banks like the Swift One may be the answer to accepting our smartphone addiction and still living life to the fullest.

It’s a phenomenon you can see in any coffee shop, at airports, on trains: people clustered around electrical sockets and charging points, desperately keeping their phones alive so that they have something, anything, to do. 

It’s hard to argue against the claims of smartphone addiction. We spend over four hours a day on our mobile phones. The name makes those scenes ironic—for a “mobile” device, it spends a lot of time attached to a wall. 

Some people will say we just shouldn’t be so attached to them. That’s easy to say, and for all but the righteous few that can live a complete life without YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter, completely impossible. We are addicted to our phones. We have to accept that. The question that remains is “given our addiction, can we still have a life?”

Happily, there is hope when we come to answer that question. Portable chargers are an increasingly popular option for those that recognise the need for a constantly-powered phone while not wanting to be constrained by always having an electrical socket within reach. 

It was this desire to still live a limitless life that drove Arvin Parsaei, CEO of tech firm NexX, to create the Swift One. Designed as a “best in class” power bank for its size and weight, it packs an impressive 20100mAh—enough to charge most smartphones five times over—and yet is up to 25% smaller than similar-capacity devices. While it can replenish your smartphone’s battery up to four times faster than its standard charger, the device itself completely recharges in just three hours. 

Much of its speedy capabilities are down to the Swift One using the latest in fast-charging technologies, featuring three different ports, which can all be used simultaneously, that give the fastest possible charging for your phone, MacBook, tablet, smart watch, and many more. Alongside established standards like USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0, its proprietary Swift + offers speed and versatility and is an excellent option for charging wearable devices, as well as phones and tablets.  

The combination of three unique ports, two of which use the much-lauded USB-C setup, also sets the Swift One apart from comparable power banks. It’s also clear that Arvin and his team really are passionate about empowering people, as the Swift One also significantly undercuts comparable devices with an expected retail price of $79, while others come in at $120 or $150. 

You may have noticed a caveat there: expected retail price. While the Swift One has already been designed and built on a small scale, Arvin is turning to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help raise the capital to start mass production.

Backers can receive their own Swift One before anyone else, and also get a lifetime subscription to the Swift smart charging assistant, an integration with Amazon’s Alexa. The AI charging assistant will not only be able to answer questions about the power bank, like which of its three ports is best for any given device, but also provide more general battery-saving tips. 

It all ties in neatly to NexX’s aims of making our lives simple and convenient through the use of innovative technology. The company itself consists of a small and dedicated team whose skillset spans engineering, computer science, and design. The Swift One is their flagship product and one they hope will be a step change for the portable charging market. 

To learn more or to join their pre-launch mailing list for exclusive discounts, check out their Indiegogo campaign page.

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