Taggart Plumbing Shares Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips before Winter Hits

Pittsburgh, PA – Sep 19th, 2018Taggart Plumbing shared fall plumbing maintenance tips to help homeowners protect their plumbing system. It’s important to get the plumbing system ready for winter’s harsh weather. For instance, those who have a Pittsburgh water heater should drain it and remove any debris. Connect a hose to the faucet and run it to a nearby drain. Debris prevents the water heater from working properly and shortens its lifespan as well.

Removing debris from drains, downspouts, and gutters prevents mold and mildew growth as well as leaks. Don’t pour cooking oil, fats or food waste down the drain to prevent any blockage. The plumbing vents should be assessed as well. Make sure that the vents don’t have nests, sticks and leaves. Homeowners are advised to call a Pittsburgh plumbing company if they don’t have a sturdy ladder or don’t want to put themselves at risk just to check high vents. A Pittsburgh plumber can fix and maintain the plumbing system. 

Water can freeze and expand, causing connecting pipes and faucets inside the house to freeze and break. Call a plumber to fix the plumbing system before the winter season arrives. When the pipes are frozen, water pressure builds and causes cracks. Even a small crack can cause flooding or water damage. Draining the water heater before the winter hits can prevent potential problems. It removes built-up sediments that can cause cracks, leaks or rust. Proper maintenance can also extend the lifespan of the water heater. It improves the efficiency of the water heater and prevents high utility bills. This allows homeowners to save money.

Sump pumps can freeze when kept in cold temperatures. Make sure that the sump pump is clean. Dump a bucket of water on the sump pump to make sure that it pumps water out. Outdoor pipes and faucets must be covered and insulated as well. Frozen pipes can burst and cause flooding. Placing filters over the drains can prevent clogs and plumbing repairs. Pour white vinegar into a plastic baggie and hang it on the faucet using a rubber band. Leave it there for 24 hours. The vinegar breaks down mineral build-up inside the faucets. This reduces water pressure. Opening faucets to a bare trickle can also keep water flowing and prevent a frozen blockage. Open cabinets underneath the sinks to let warmer air circulate inside the house. This will prevent the pipes from freezing.

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