Legal News Website Announces the Kickoff of a New Supreme Court Term, to be Covered with Easy to Read Infographics

Montclair, NJ – Subscript Law, a non-profit legal news website, is delighted to announce its coverage of the new Supreme Court term starting in October 2018. Infographic coverage of the Supreme Court and other legal news can be found at  The concept and aim of Subscript Law’s website is to aggregate legal news in a simple to read well-presented infographic format.

“Today is a time of deep political concern, and people should understand what the Supreme Court actually does – not just the headlines you get from most media sources but the legal guidelines that determine how the cases are analyzed,” said Mariam Morshedi of Subscript Law. “In addition to legal developments coming from the Supreme Court, there are thousands of pieces of legal news occurring on a daily basis around the country, and it is easily a full-time job for anyone to try to keep abreast of all the latest developments.  Lawyers as well as the general public need easier ways to follow legal news, and Subscript Law has designed and is implementing a solution with our infographic coverage. We are confident Subscript Law will become a valuable legal resource within the legal community, as well as with journalists, political advocates, professors and students.”

Subscript Law is a non-profit legal news website delivering reports in infographics. Their legal infographics and reports help lawyers and attorneys keep up-to-date on Supreme Court decisions, Supreme Court cases, and other law news quickly, and they introduce complex legal concepts to teachers, students, journalists, and other non-lawyer politically-interested individuals. They have gained a reputation quickly as being a trusted legal resource, with their work being cited by NPR and SCOTUSblog and listed as an American Bar Association law “Blawg.”

For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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