Adventure through the magical Land of Senses in ‘THE STONE BOY’ with Hoopla’s exclusive September collection: “Keep Kids Creative Week”.

Los Angeles, CA – September 19, 2018 – Family-fun, animated and magical, THE STONE BOY is now featured on Hoopla’s September collection: “Keep Kids Creative Week” here: https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/11803663.

Directed Pablo Aldrete, Miguel Bonilla, Miguel Angel Uriegas and Jaime Romandia, THE STONE BOY (aka La incredible historia del Nińo de Piedra) follows Marina and her cousins, Tito, Tato and Teté, who live in the colorful, tropical valley of the Huasteca Tamaulipeca. But when a fair comes to town, the kids stumble upon “The Stone Boy” – a boy who has turned to stone to reflect his cold, hatred anger with life. As an animated and family-fun adventure film, THE STONE BOY follows Marina and her cousins on the adventurous and magical journey through the vibrant Land of Senses, to help restore the stone boy to his former human self by learning the values of love, appreciation, and most importantly, friendship.

THE STONE BOY “teaches a lesson about family unit, friendship and positive attitude towards life in general. As a metaphor to portray the difficulty of getting into teenage years but being able to find a way to enjoy […] I have to say it works; and I’m being completely honest right now. I really think the parallelism and the fable articulated around it is quite a beautiful way of delivering the message intended,” wrote BRWC.

By combining the strong, family-oriented messages and “mixing child-like motives with Latin-American mythological imagery” (BRWC), any age is guaranteed to enjoy traveling with children through the Land of Senses. Awarded the Silver Ariel for ‘Best Feature Length Animated Film’ (Mejor Largometraje de Animación) at the 2017 Ariel Awards in Mexico, THE STONE BOY is adventurous, filled with bright animation and exciting to watch as the children embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

“It’s also worth mentioning that the story and the way it’s articulated makes sense, it’s sweet and it’s as real as a children story has to be. Visuals and cool stuff aside, I’d like to see many Pixar/Disney products sharing those traits,” concluded BRWC.

In collaboration with Cadereyta Films, THE STONE BOY features a soulful and enchanting soundtrack from Nita Whitaker, which adventures with the voices of Marina (Melissa Gedeón), Tito (Emilio Rafael) and Teté (Melisa Gutiérrez) through the mystical and imaginary land of childhood innocence and happiness. The film is a family-fun that all ages will enjoy, especially 4 – 12 year olds. THE STONE BOY will be available on Hoopla’s September collection: “Keep Kids Creative Week” from September 17 – 21, 2018.

Watch it today: https://www.hoopladigital.com/collection/4512.

THE STONE BOY (2017, 70 min.) Directed by Pablo Aldrete, Miguel Bonilla, Miguel Angel Uriegas and Jaime Romandia. Editor: Jamie Romandia and Miguel Angel Uriegas. Cinematographer: Miguel Angel Uriegas. Original Music: Gerardo Flores. USA, English, Spanish. Cadereyta Films, TriCoast Entertainment.


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