Science Fiction Film ‘ 2036’ Strikes a Pose in Venice Film Festival

The film ‘ 2036, starring Ming Dao, Marcelo Olguin, Ye Qing and Sarah Bolger, directed by Lien-Yichi, produced by Sandra Ai Lee, has premiered in Venice Film Festival recently and it has caught our attention.

When it comes to Ming Dao, the first response of people is the most influential actor in idol drama who was well-known all over the Asia. Ming Dao has created many viewing miracles in TV series. However, in recent years, he has gradually transformed from wealthy business mogul image to a matured tough guy on screen. Seeking for new innovation, Ming Dao has his own perspective of being an actor. This time he brings his newest science fiction short film ‘ 2036 to Venice Film Festival with its worldwide premiere.

The short film is about 20 minutes, Ming Dao broke peoples old impression of him and won the hearts of audiences at the cinema as a leading role. Another leading role Sarah Bolger, whom cooperated with Daniel Wu on AMC’s series ‘Into the Bad Lands also got high praise on her natural acting skills. New actor, previously supermodel, Marcelo Olguin, whom appeared as the secret man also has his own charming ways. What is more worth mentioning is that the production team of this short film is among the greatest. Lien Yi-chi, whom directed Peace Breakerand ‘Sweet Alibis, made his first attempt on Sci-fi story in this short film. The film also gathered great professionals such as Stuart Bentley, director of photography of Black Mirror, Tom Willkinson, photographer of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as well as Mission Impossible 6, and Gaffer David Nye of Paddington. With strong support of such an internationalized production team, the quality of film truly won over the audiences during its premiere.

In the film of 2036, the story stated social system and human nature pattern in 2036, under the coat of science fiction subject, the film is aiming to discuss the multi-aspects of human nature. In the future, the gap between people wont be age, profession or color of skin, but to give everyone their own score through complex scoring mechanism, hence class will be divided as well. The appearance of robots are not different from real person, therefore AI became inevitable in daily life. The SCP (social credit point) mechanism also created the psychology of seeking for perfection, while vanity and jealousy in human nature cannot observed by this mechanism, hence aspiration and ugliness of human nature will be amplified infinitely… the film also performed huge ironies and paradoxes.

The concept of scoring in the film has been implemented since a very early time in our current society, individual scoring makes quantitative analysis to our credit information and the score affects and keeps along with our daily life. In recent years, AI has apparently taken the upper hand. Scientists have previously predicted that human being can be able to love AI robots, the film also turned this prediction into reality.

Such a diligent discussion on modern human nature and social reality, it is enough to see the ambition of the film. With a strong international production team, this meaningful film truly deserves audiencesexpectations.

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