This golden Autumn October will witness the Grand Prix in Wuxi; Wuxi will hold the International Youth Equestrian Grand Prix Competition for the first time in 2018

The CPC Junior Equestrian All-around Competition (China Station) and the CRC Interesting Equestrian Super Grand Prix of the 2018 Coastal Bazaar Cup Junior Riders will be held in Coastal Bazaar Commercial Block in Wuxi city from October 27 to 28, 2018.


The event is sponsored by Wuxi Nuobao Equestrian Club and co-sponsored by Jiabo Equestrian, Coastal Bazaar Business, Wuxi Zhongsheng Benz, Wuxi Happy Tree. The International Equestrian Exchange is an exclusive event for young (including entry level) riders. More than 10 registered PONYCLUB riders from Australia will compete with PONYCLUB registered riders from Wuxi to communicate and learn from each other in challenging competitions. The competition will both improve the equestrian level of young riders of Wuxi and popularize equestrian knowledge, upgrading equestrian awareness and influence.

Families taking part in the competition will impress kids with an interesting and professional equestrian, appreciate their peers under the age of 14 riding a much larger creature on the field to compete with foreign children, which is also an attractive equestrian carnival. Hopefully this event will be a huge and shining juvenile equestrian competition and a multi-dimensional and cross-border reunion.

Competition type: PONY CLUB 2018 international registration competition (China Station)

Tournament time: 27-28 October, 2018

Participants: 10 registered PONYCLUB riders from Australia (10-16 years old)

 50 registered riders from Jiabo equestrian PONYCLUB (4-16 years old)

Venue: Atrium square, Coastal Bazaar commercial block, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu.

Guiding entity: China Equestrian Association Youth Committee / CPC China Pony Club Association / PONY CLUB Australian Association / Wuxi Sports Bureau / Wuxi Sports Federation / Wuxi Smart Sports Industry Park

Supervision entity: Wuxi Notary Office

Organizer: Wuxi Nuobao Equestrian Club

Joint undertaking: Jiabo equestrian / Coastal Bazaar Business / Wuxi Zhongsheng Benz / Wuxi happy tree

Co organizer: Vanke Education Base / China Merchants Bank

Special support: PRESIDENT beverage / FIJI WATER / Lufthansa airline /

Media support: Reuters / Nasdaq News / Yahoo News / Morning Star / NewsOK / CBS8 / Hong Kong News Network / Phoenix News / NetEase News / Sohu / Tencent / UC headlines / Today’s headlines. etc.

Participation requirements:

Children from non-registered families are required to meet the age range of 3-12 years (Note: Birth date January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2015). Each family can only register once. Later organizing committee staff will confirm the birth date of the kid and the relationships.

Participation channels:

Online registration: Visitors can fill in the information through the registration links of Jiabo Equestrian Wuxi Branch, Wuxi Happy Tree and Coastal Bazaar Commercial official account. The competition service will contact you and confirm the successful registration.

Registration hotline: 0510-82466688

Offline registration: Jiabo Equestrian College, Wuxi Branch, Coastal Bazaar business street 59-301 59-301, Guanshan Road, Binhu District, Wuxi.


Registration fee: 400 RMB/ family

The following items come with the registration

1.  the 1V1 experience lesson (value 800 yuan) – 2

2. Tournament commemorative backpack. – 1

3. Tournament commemorative hat. – 1

4. Tournament commemorative medal. – 1

5. Commemorative costume. – 1

6. FIJI water is provided on site. – 2

7. Prizes in the Interactive area

8. Qualification for on site lottery,  (10 on site interactive lucky awards)

Mercedes Benz CLA200 – 1


Iwatch 4 – 7

(on-site execution is carried out and notarized by notary public office of Wuxi).

Competition information:

Chinese riders are restricted to registered members of the Jiabo Equestrian.

1. Schedule:

PONY CLUB junior game competition -Travel around the world (trainees less than  level E)

PONY CLUB junior game competition – eggs and spoons challenge (level E)

PONY CLUB junior game – three mugs (level D and above)

Obstacle challenge (6 obstacles/ 60cm-80cm)

(Note: Detailed rules will be announced officially later. Each competition will be held twice, the preliminaries and the finals.)

2. Registration: applied by registered members in each branch colleges.

3.  Awards / prizes:

Trophy: Trophy / Certificate / ribbon

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