Good news for IT managers! Finally, a cloud infrastructure that’s as little as 10% of the cost of Amazon AWS – With the security of blockchain!

Cloud computing has changed the dynamics of modern business. With minimal infrastructure requirements, reduced costs, mobile collaborations the cloud can help in rapid business growth. Cloud computing offers small businesses, the option to scale their business without spending substantial up-front costs.

With business integrating their mission-critical processes on to the cloud, one might assume such adoption would drive cloud computing costs down. Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. While the advertised prices seem too good to pass, hidden costs lie in wait. Providers charge differently based on storage options, usage, and workload capacities. Cloud providers like Microsoft are already making incremental price hikes making cloud computing less viable in the long run.

This is especially alarming for modern businesses that maintain their entire infrastructure with the help of cloud services.

One proposed solution to overcoming the cost problem is blockchain integration. While blockchain may not seem to be a native replacement for the cloud any time soon, its underlying benefits can make a significant difference.

By running on a decentralized platform cloud computing costs remain low even when handling high workload processes. Furthermore, blockchain will help eliminate data theft on the cloud.

Unchainet – Power your cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Unchainet is decentralized cloud platform, aiming to bring better efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the millions of potential cloud users. Unchainet helps providers like crypto miners to allocate their underutilized computing resources to the people in need. Blockchain integration will also help in keeping data ownership in check.

By serving as a provider/client marketplace, Unchainet charges just 2.5-10% fees when compared with the likes of AWS, who charge 32% EBITDA. By using the UNET tokens to power its platform, Unchainet will help IT managers to further cut costs on transactions by as much as 90%.

The Unchainet platform allows its users to run tasks with extreme workloads. Big data processing, video rendering, Website hosting, Machine learning, server app hosting can be done at minimal costs without skimping on service quality. Developers can also build their custom blockchain apps on Unchainet.

Resource providers are continuously monitored for quality by the QoS chain, and malicious nodes are removed from the marketplace.

Existing business can easily integrate with Unchainet’s services. Clients on the platform can choose their resource allocations, select providers and get their services immediately. All purchases and payments on the platform are made using the UNET token which paves the way for instant global transactions.


By providing a secure provider-client marketplace, Unchainet will enable businesses to transfer their mission-critical process on to the cloud. Apart from helping businesses, Unchainet will help crypto miners and server owners generate a stable source of income. Leveraging on the blockchain, Unchainet will offer superior service quality and data security at a fraction of the cost. All this will be facilitated by the UNET token which can be further used for micropayments.

200 million UNET tokens will be made available out of which 67% will be distributed through the token sale. Investors looking to purchase UNET token can do so by heading over and making purchases via Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD.


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