AFC Magazine Aims to Keep the General Public Updated with Financial Crimes

The Online Anti-Financial Crime Magazine is now online. With this magazine, individuals and businesses can stay up-to-date with the financial crimes and scandals that affect the modern world.

Financial scams and scandals not only restrain the economic growth of underdeveloped and developing countries, they also lead to financial losses for developed countries. In this era of where everyone is connected via the internet, access to information is easy. However, not all news available can be trusted.

AFC Magazine is the latest addition in the list of online magazines but looks to make a name for itself by providing well-researched and accurate stories. Reporters are instructed to dig deep into the facts and vet their information thoroughly. The major purpose of launching this magazine was to make it easier for the general public to get current information on financial crimes around the world, with a focus on reliable reporting.

Financial crimes affect the economy of countries like nothing else. There a major headache for the under-developed and developing world especially, since these economies are already struggling. While developed countries have strict rules and safeguards in place against white-collar criminals involved in financial crimes, such scams continue to rise in developing countries due to their lax controls.

Anti-Financial Crimes Magazine is a semi-annual financial news magazine based in Miami. The magazine has recently launched its own website to unveil the far-reaching clutches of financial crimes to the world. The captivating articles study and analyze the impacts of these crimes on our world.

The magazine is already popular in the US and is read in many other countries as well. The online presence of the magazine has also gained widespread appreciation, and has made it easier for people outside the US to stay abreast of the latest news in the financial world. We recently contacted the magazine owner, Dr. Raida Al-Awamleh, for an interview and she politely agreed to arrange a meeting for the same.

We thanked her and asked her to share what AFC Magazine had in store. She said, “AFC Magazine is a registered magazine that focuses on news and reports about financial crimes. The magazine is published twice a year, with reliable information about financial problems and credible analysis of financial crimes and their impacts.”

We don’t usually see many online magazines that focus on financial issues and crimes. So, we asked her why she decided to launch this website. To this, she replied, “Financial scams are often ignored by the larger public because people don’t quite understand what’s going on. We want to highlight the devastating effects of these scams and help people understand how they are at risk and avoid being robbed.”
We further asked her to share with us the feedback from the readers. She explained, “The feedback of our readers not only motivates us, it also helps us improve our magazine. Therefore, we facilitate our readers to share their feedback by adding comments to our website. These comments help us grow and keep our readers updated with current news. Our readers are quite happy with the content published on the website. They appreciate that the information is obtained from reliable sources. Our readers can now visit the website whenever they want. Many of our readers are happy with the fact that they can easily read the information online instead of going through the hassles of buying a printed copy.”

She also informed us, “When we decided to launch this online magazine, we conducted a survey. This survey results showed that a majority of our audience likes to share the important information they learn with their social circle. To make sure our readers are happy with our magazine, we also facilitate them to share new articles on different social sites and email it to their friends in an easy way.”

Telling us about the online magazine, she further added, “We target various categories on our online magazine including corruption cases, money laundering scams, fraud cases, economic crime, and the increasing cyber crimes. Aside from reading the articles and investigation reports, our readers can also consult us for expert legal opinions.”

Concluding the interview, we asked her about her experiences. She gladly shared with us, “Aside from running the Anti-Financial Crimes Magazine, I’m also associated with International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) as an expert and arbitrator. I was appointed as the media correspondent for the UNCTAD conference in Geneva. You can also read my books that are published in the US and Europe.”

She added, “Working with AFC magazine was a life-changing experience for me. Knowing that this magazine is popular internationally, I decided to launch its online website to facilitate our audience. Within a few months of its launch, the website has become popular and thousands of the internet users read the articles on a regular basis. We also receive positive feedback from our audience in which they encourage our efforts.”

The Anti-Financial Crimes Magazine has made its place in the online world of news magazines within a brief time. It has gained popularity since it provides up-to-date information on financial crimes that take place at different levels and affect the economy of countries. The fact-based analysis or reviews of these crimes also assist the readers in understanding the impacts of financial crimes and determine how they can play their role in making this world a better place for everyone.

About the AFC Magazine:

The Anti-Financial Crimes Magazine is registered with the Library of Congress and is published twice a year from Miami. The owner of this international magazine, Dr. Raida Al-Awamleh, aims to provide reliable information on financial crimes taking place around the globe. She is a recognized journalist and reporter with a firm grip on economic, political, and legal matters.

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