HIFU is an acronym for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound which is a medical procedure used in certain treatments. High focused ultrasound works by focusing high-intensity ultrasound energy to an area with the action of thermal energy and cavitation.
One relatively new use of the HIFU is in the cosmetology world. 

It is the application of high-intensity ultrasound energy to the face by a handheld device. It is a non-invasive form of energy that is used to stimulate the cells around the areas it is applied to and encourages the production of collagen.

Advantages of HIFU

HIFU is highly advantageous because it can conduct a series of cosmetology treatments without using invasive methods. Some of the things the HIFU treatment method takes care of include:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Drooping skin around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth
• Thin, rough skin

These are just some of the skin effects that can be treated using this highly advanced method.

HIFU treatments are conducted by highly trained personnel and normally follow a strict procedure up to the healing process for a beautiful, defined face.

CLINICZ forward technology

One of the most technologically advanced cosmetology clinics. It is a skin contour expert clinic that has very positive results in their line of work. They apply the use of HIFU and have also come up with better methods of skin care treatment.

CLINICZ has specialized in a treatment known as the Suwon symbiosis and have created the Hydro Collagen Symbiosis treatment which is by far the most advanced cosmetology “age reverse” technology in the market. The results have greatly been proved to surpass those of the HIFU.

What is Hydro Collage Symbiosis

Hydro Collagen Symbiosis is a technologically advanced treatment that works to improve skin contour while improving skin texture at the same time. It’s a procedure that lifts the fascia layer and activates the collagen layer by deep filling the skin cells with water hence the name Hydro Collagen.

Hydro Collagen combines three forward-looking technologies –

Collagen activation, water collagen, and Delayed regeneration to give more lasting results:

– Repairing the spectrum
– Continues the collagen-stimulating effect
– Leaves pore in perfect condition
– Skin firming and making the skin tender
– Water therapy Leaves the skin looking shiny and smooth

This procedure fully prevents the aging of the skin, sagging and skin going dry and flaky. It takes care of large pores as well not just making them less visible but fully making them disappear leaving the skin with a smooth consistent look.
Use of water technology

It is said that drinking water is the best way to keep your skin healthy and ClinicZ has just come up with a way of making the results of taking in water by the cells more immediate. The water-based treatment is non-invasive, painless and you can walk out of the clinic as soon as the surgery is done as there is no recovery period, no need to cover up your done facial parts while waiting for healing.

The Hydro Collagen Symbiosis is by far the most advanced cosmetology technology better than the best forms of technology out there and what better clinic to handle the treatment than the clinic that started the revolution.

Thanks to ClinicZ and their innovation, you can now feel as young and beautiful as ever.

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