Numbertank: Revolutionizing the world of social communication as “the best social messenger with push notification app’’

Leading technology-driven solutions provider, Shantai Technologies Limited, adds new features to the Numbertank mobile app in latest update for a better social messaging experience

Shantai Technologies Limited has announced the launch of a unique mobile app – Numbertank, which has already been described by many as “the best social messenger app out there” with the aim of making communication more effective and fun without sacrificing the convenience of users while giving more to users across the globe.

The internet and the emergence of social media have evolved over the years, helping to make the world even smaller and allowing people to break the barrier created by distance easily by ensuring communication is more effective and easier. However, many of the available social chat apps have failed to effectively serve the needs of users across the globe. Consequently, Shantai Technologies Limited launched the Numbertank and has continuously updated the mobile app to enhance user experience.

In the latest update to the Numbertank app, new features were added to help users enjoy messaging one another and create a better experience for them. New features have been added and design and performance have been enhanced. One of such updates is the ‘Announcement’ feature that allows users to notify multiple people about new and important information. Users can also be able to customise their backgrounds to meet their taste with different amazing wallpapers available.

The unique features and benefits of the push notification app have helped to increase its popularity on Google Play with accolades coming from different quarters. “Awesome social messenger with large number of channel that provide me Local News, Bollywood , Quotes , Status, Receipe Channels. PIP video are awesome we can chat and watch video with any application. Group chat with customize push make value to it. Great app has amazing channels, all you have to do is search for it,” says Sapna Patel.

Some of the exciting features of the app include Channel feature for connecting with a community and sharing content within the community, group chats, privacy, channel statistics, status updates, and customize push notifications. Other features of the app are Picture in Picture (PIP), Channel Tag, Secret Chat, and Birthday Reminder.

Numbertank is currently available on Google Play for free with more information about the app available on their website.

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