Bruno Coin, the ‘smiling cryptocurrency’ enables people to send money to others around the world

Bruno Coin is the latest and one of the most remarkable entries in the cryptocurrency world which is based on the idea of making someone happy with a simple gesture. It is basically, a standard payment solution that unifies everyone around the world using the power of the blockchain technology. This coin will make it easier to send money to people worldwide in a simplified manner and bring a smile to their faces. Brunocoin can be used to send money easily to friends and family around the globe and is here to disrupt the traditional money transfer or payment systems with over the top fees and complicated processes.

Bruno coin’s Pre-sale has been welcomed by the crypto community with open arms and received a great response from the traders. It has managed to raise a good amount so far with still over a month to go for the end date. Bruno Coin’s native token BRN is an ERC20 type token with smart contract feature. The user can buy, send and receive BRN tokens in a secure, reliable and easy manner. Being decentralized in nature means the Bruno coin is not controlled by any government and third-party agents which makes it transparent, cost-effective and secure.

The investors who invest in Bruno Coin can take advantage of a decentralized payment gateway solution, in the near future. It provides an Ethereum blockchain based peer-to-peer instant payment solution with an efficient and instant wallet along with smartphone support, Android and iPhone integration and Barcode scanning support. Bruno Coin will allow both corporate and private clients to access all the services from a single platform.

The interested investors can buy Bruno Coins now to get a 35% bonus on their purchase of BRN tokens. The current exchange rate of 1 BRN token is equal to $0.01 USD.

More information about the Bruno Coin project can be found on

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