CRI Genetics Releases Health and Wellness Reports for their Customers

CRI Genetics, one of the most renowned DNA testing companies in the United States, is now offering detailed reports to help their customers improve their health and lifestyle. The organization comprises of an advanced team of geneticists, anthropologists, and social scientists, working together to deliver the most accurate estimation of the ancestry of their customers.

September 20, 2018 – CRI Genetics is pleased to announce that all their clients will now receive Health & Wellness reports in addition to a detailed and accurate breakdown of their ancestry in the form of their genetic reports. The genetics research and development division of Cellular Research Institute, CRI Genetics is now one of the most recommended companies all over America for DNA testing. The company was recently rated by Genetics Digest as the number one DNA testing company in the United States. 

With a unique approach to genetic tests, CRI Genetics combines multiple levels of genetic analysis in developing their report. While most other companies compare genetic information against one genetic marker in order to produce a report, CRI Genetics considers how multiple genes interact with one another in order to provide the most accurate and comprehensive report. CRI Genetics uses over 6,42,824 specific markers to analyze a customer’s sample, based on scientifically proven research, in order to provide the most accurate and relevant information to each individual.

“These reports will allow individuals to dwell deeper into knowledge about themselves and help improve your health and lifestyle. These advanced DNA reports help people understand how much caffeine they should drink, if they are anxiety prone because of coffee, whether they are lactose intolerant, and much more,” said a senior spokesperson from CRI Genetics. “Even the most optimal approaches to losing weight and staying fit are based on your DNA. Our reports unlock several important aspects of information hidden in your genes and help you become a better and healthier you.” 

The DNA kit from CRI Genetics comes with step-by-step instructions about the collection of DNA sample. The process involves rubbing the cheek with a swab provided by the company and sealing it in a bag. After four to eight weeks of thorough analysis, CRI Genetics provides all the reports through their secure customer portal.  

Interestingly, CRI Genetics is one of the very few DNA testing companies that offer money-back guarantee. The company guarantees the delivery of genetic reports in less than eight weeks from receiving the DNA sample. Privacy and security of personal information is treated with the utmost seriousness and all high level encryption data security practices are followed by the company during the storage of DNA sample, DNA test results, and any other personal information. 

In order to generate the genetic reports, CRI Genetics utilizes a patented DNA analysis algorithm designed by renowned molecular geneticist Alexei Fedorov.  With up to 90%+ Ancestry accuracy, and 99%+ Heath & Wellness accuracy, these reports will help individuals find out exactly where their DNA comes from and unlock new information about their health and wellness. 

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About CRI Genetics:

CRI Genetics is the Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute. Led by genetic research veteran Alexei Fedorov, they are dedicated to empowering people with knowledge about themselves. With three different DNA testing kits, the company helps individuals gain access to the latest advances in DNA analysis.  

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