In the past 2 years, when IUU was off the radar, they had silently developed and built an ecology blockchain system that is set to maximize blockchain technology and unlock its potential to users and businesses around the world. The project started through a join collaboration by teams of experts in the related field from Russia, U.S and China which consist of a technical team, I.T team, Blockchain developer, and more resources.

IUU’s ultimate goal is to bring a fresh new look into the blockchain industry by integrating users to match with enterprises or world businesses in real time; where users will have more options on how they can choose to dilute or use their coins and also participate in the consumer mining pool platform. The advantages of this platform are that it was uniquely designed to benefits businesses, users and also IUU token holders, or in other words, it was built on the idea of a healthy ecology where each different user-segment will be synchronized and will be dependable on each other.

According to the facts tabulated by industry experts, most of the crypto coins and tokens that were offered in the market through ICO in these couple of years had failed miserably because they had been manipulated by irresponsible parties, who just wanted to make a quick profit from the trend, and this had caused many investors to lose their savings and eventually they started to believe that ICO is just a get-rich-quick scheme. Thus, this eventually led to the establishment of IUU Token.

IUU wants users to understand how blockchain can create real value and help users in the real world. “Someone has to take initiative to save the technology that was perfectly developed in this era of modern technology, before it becomes any worse.” – IUU Head of development and conceptualization.

IUU will open its door to the public soon, and everybody is invited to see first-hand how this company can revolutionize the crypto industry. Stay tuned!

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