Uber-type delivery App TruckIt launches National Billboard Campaign with release of App for iOS users

US-based CDP Company, TruckIt, Inc., announces the launch of its mobile app on App Store to allow increased access to its services

TruckIt, Inc. is a CDP USA Inc company that aims to change the narrative in the trucking industry by introducing the ride-sharing concept into the industry, using technology-driven solutions that will help in creating a more efficient industry for all stakeholders from drivers to customers. After a successful launch of the TruckIt mobile app on Google Play Store, which by the way received tremendous responses from different users, the company has gone on to launch the uber-type app on the App Store for users of smart mobile devices running on the iOS.

TruckIt, Inc. aims to bring drivers of pickup trucks and their customers together in an unprecedented way leveraging the power of technology. This is reiterated with the initial launch of the mobile app on Google Play and the recent launch on the App Store. TruckIt is also starting a new national billboard campaign to spread the word about its uniqueness and its technology-driven solutions for the trucking industry.

The ride share industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times with the market increasingly significantly in a relatively short while. The revenue figures of the ride sharing market that has hit an estimated US$17,191m in the 2018 with an expected annual growth of 15.2%, which will result in a market volume of US$30,329m by 2022 says a lot about the potential of the market.

The user penetration has also risen up to over 17% in 2018 and experts expect it to hit over 23% by 2022. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is currently estimated at US$293.92. However, it is worth noting that China remains the biggest market globally in terms of revenue generated. This is not surprising considering the percentage of the world’s population in China. However, this shows the huge growth potential of the industry, which further gives credibility to the initiative by TruckIt, Inc.

TruckIt, Inc. will be bringing convenience and relative affordability to the trucking industry, making it a lot easier and cheaper for delivery trucks and companies to offer their services. This is so as it allows for the movement of virtually anything including Furniture, Lawn Equipment, ATVs, or even purchases on Craigslist/Auction Purchase while giving service providers some flexibility.

The affordability of using the service, with fees starting from as low as $30 for a pickup is also an attractive feature of the app. The flat fee feature of the app also ensures that users of the Uber like app do not incur extra cost for moving their stuff anywhere in their county.

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TruckIt Inc. is a CDP USA Inc company based in Chicago. Founded in July of 2017, the company aims to change the trucking industry with the introduction of innovative solutions that will ensure a more effective and profitable industry for every stakeholder.

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