Safety Shield: The Ultimate Flame & Grease Blocker has Finally Arrived!

This Remarkable Safety Shield is Designed to Protect People & their Homes from Wicked BBQ Fires!

Safety Shield is remarkable and innovative protection solution that is designed to protect people from the hazards of grease and fire while grilling. Designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, this remarkable device will prevent barbecue grill fires that have burned down many houses and harmed many people over the years. Moreover, it is invented by an inspiring American woman entrepreneur and wife, Barbara Mazzei and according to her, the idea of inventing such a shield was inspired by a horrible condo that burned down due to grill fire.  

“Safety Shield comes with or without a housing and we are offering it in two colors and two sizes,” said Barbara Mazzei, the inventor of Safety Shield. According to the inventor, the shield will be available with free shipping and handling across the United States and the starting price is only $149.95.

In addition to its primary feature of fire protection, the Safety Shield also prevents a house from melting, warping, and nasty grease spill. Furthermore, another amazing feature of this shield is its multipurpose functionality because it can also be used for other uses such as welding garages chimneys, turkey fryers, school or company barbecues, college apartments, and several other applications.

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About Safety Shield

Safety Shield is a remarkable new invention with several amazing applications and it has been designed to protect people and their homes from fire hazards while barbecue grilling, turkey frying or welding. The shield is invented by a New Jersey based American woman Barbara Mazzei, and it is a new product that is designed to help keep backyard BBQs safe.

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