LINK SOLAR developed the military grade Universal camping solar panels

LINK SOLAR is a special solar manufacture you can find for outdoor camping, emergency energy storage solutions.
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Spending time outdoors is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it comes with its own concerns at the same time. While it’s nice to get some time to spend in nature with beautiful landscapes it is important to plan things thoroughly in order to have a great experience. You need to think about energy requirements, i.e., how to power the appliances when you’re not near your home. The same thing applies to people who spend time at a marine grade level. The answer is simple – portable solar panels.

The reality is that there aren’t many portable solar panels around, but that’s about to change. Link Solar released their own portable solar panels that can be used for outdoor camping and marine grade level. These solar panels are specifically created to pose as an effective power source while providing convenience at the same time. Link Solar’s portable panels are lightweight, compact, flexible, and easy to use. Materials such as amorphous, CIGS, Day 4 Solar cells, and Sunpower were used for the manufacturing part of portable solar panels.

What makes portable solar panels so useful is the versatility in terms of power range that goes from 6.5 watts all the way to 200 watts. Great power doesn’t have to come with humongous weight, and Link Solar proved it with their portable solar panels which weigh up to 7kg max.

Portable solar panels provide a reliable source of energy, but they do much more than that at the same time. For example, these panels are friendly for the environment. Instead of generators that harm the planet, it’s always better to opt for a portable solar panel which offers a silent and neutral source of clean energy without emitting harmful gasoline fumes.

Link Solar goes one step further by providing exceptional customer experience to current and potential clients. If you want to use the brand’s solar panels for some particular project, Link Solar will give you a free solution suggestion. All you need to do is to contact the manufacturer and provide information such as size, voltage, and other requirements. Remember, portable solar panels aren’t for home use, but they prove to be a valuable addition in other types of application such as camping, solar tents, and bags, solar car and bikes, solar telecom roof, just to name a few.

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