The Security Token Pioneer – MasterDAX Consensus: Singapore 2018

On September 20th, Consensus Singapore 2018, the world’s most influential Blockchain conference, just wrapped up in Singapore Marina Bay Sand. More than 4,000 participants, including 300+ speakers, joined this grand event. After the launching in 2015, Consensus finally stepped out of the United States and came to the Asian Market of Blockchain technology. The 1st stop of Asia means a lot to the believers of this industry.

In Singapore, as a natural extension of Blockchain market, Consensus sought to find answers for the growing demand on Blockchain technology and created more opportunities to participants. In this event, more than 200 booths presented the innovations about Blockchain, such as 5G Asia, loT World Asia, and AI Summit.

In May, Consensus just finished its annual event which mainly focused on ‘Regulation’ in New York. While the huge enthusiasm of regulations was turning down shortly, securitized digital asset became one of the most important topics. Security involves all stakeholders, including investors and traders. In this scenario, how to survive and even keep developing became a vital question in the market.

Mr. Fei Zhong, Co-Founder of MasterDAX, shared his opinion that during the downturn period of the digital asset market, besides focusing on compliance, industry players need more business innovation, attract more institutional funds, and provide investors with more secure and more compliant services. This will become an inevitable trend in the near future of the industry. MasterDAX’s cloud-based service can be a very applicable solution to achieve that.


MasterDAX ( is a leading service provider on digital asset exchange market. Based on MasterDAX’s service, the operators can customize their own specific needs with much lower costs. MasterDAX just reached strategic partnership with Microsoft on June, 28th. With Microsoft Azure cloud service, MasterDAX enables more secure and more efficient solutions which has already served 38 operators from 11 countries.

MasterDAX, as one of the golden sponsors, presented in “Consensus: Singapore 2018”. Communicating with participants about cloud-based service for crypto-asset exchanges and the idea of supporting security tokens, MasterDAX triggered large interests among the visitors and got positive feedbacks from the experts.


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