Scott Jucha Debuts An Exciting New Science Fiction Series “The Silver Ships”

After years of developing novel ideas and reshaping them, Scott Jucha has crafted a stunning debut in the science fiction genre.  “The Silver Ships” introduces a cast of intriguing characters like Captain Alex Racine, Renée de Guirnon, Julien, the ship’s AI, and the mysterious invaders. “The Silver Ships” is a compelling concept of the collision of three civilizations by a new and talented writer, Scott Jucha. Readers can look forward to an entire series with four books already defined.

The narrative of “The Silver Ships” follows Captain Racine as he encounters the Méridiens, who are significantly more advanced with their AIs and faster-than-light capability, but have been attacked by an even more powerful species.  These hostile and strange adversaries threaten not only the existence of the Méridiens but humans throughout the galaxy.

Scott’s anticipated first novel, “The Silver Ships”, will be quickly followed by the next three books: “Libre”, “Méridien” and “Hellébore.”  All four stories in the series have been outlined with books one and two nearly completed. The first three novels will be released in 2015. 

“The Silver Ships” is a major project that requires editing, cover design, formatting, ISBNs and marketing.  To publish “The Silver Ships” series in 2015, Scott is seeking $16,500 and is raising the needed funds through a campaign on Indiegogo.  Backers of this important project may receive valuable perks like e-books, paperback versions, posters, or inclusion in one of the novels. 

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