3 Ways Fleet Wraps Can Drive a Long Island Business Forward

Long Island, NY – September 21, 2018 – Fleet wraps are among the most economical advertising solutions available. Convenient, high-impact, and cost-effective, vehicle wraps are quickly winning over businesses all over the country, including Long Island.

According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 96% of the survey respondents found mobile graphics to be a more effective method of advertising over other traditional methods. If you’re looking for an advertising option that gives you more bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with fleet vehicle wraps.

We talked to Mike Palazollo of Island Signs & Graphics, a Long Island sign company, who shares three of the many ways fleet wraps can drive your business forward:

1. Wider Advertising Reach

The cost per thousand impressions of a vehicle wrap is 5,600% better than radio and 7,200% better than billboards. It’s the lowest cost among all forms of advertising. Now imagine a vehicle wrap on your entire fleet! With potential customers exposed to your business name and business information everywhere you go, you’re sure to bring a whole lot of footfall in through your doors. Even a traffic jam becomes a perfect marketing opportunity with fleet wraps.

Fleet wraps also give your employees a sense of accountability as they travel in company vehicles. Knowing that they’re taking the company’s image and reputation with them wherever they go, your employees are more likely to behave properly, provide better service, and be friendlier when your vehicles are fitted with custom wraps.

In order to maximize your fleet wraps’ effectiveness, you’ll need to get them to look good and to last long. By working with an established sign company that specializes in Long Island fleet wraps, you can get stunning vehicle decals and designs that bring in customers for many years.

2. Brand-customized Advertising

One of the best things about getting fleet wraps is that you have complete control over your messaging and graphics. This means you get designs specially tailored to suit your brand’s unique personality, message, and marketing strategy.

With an advertising strategy customized specifically for your brand, your fleet can do more than just look nice. They can effectively bring your brand message wherever they go, they can give potential customers a quick visual introduction to what your brand is all about, and can show everyone what your business has to offer.

The practical way to go to achieve brand-customized advertising is to partner with a trusted Long Island signage provider with dedicated graphic designers. This way, you don’t have to worry about coming up with an effective design for your fleet wraps. You’ll have experienced artists and marketing experts who can do this for you.

3. Current and Updated Content

Keeping content and design on fleet wraps current is very important from a marketing perspective. It helps you keep your target marketing updated and while presenting a fresh message to your audience.

But keeping your vehicles’ content and designs current would mean regularly changing fleet wraps, which honestly sounds like a laborious and costly thing to do. But high-quality fleet vehicle wraps by a reliable signage provider can make all this hassle-free for you. With wraps that are easy to apply and remove as well as those that are sold at a reasonable price, you can have your vehicles looking fresh, attractive, and informative 24/7.

Local Long Island Fleet Wraps Provider

Drive your business forward by building brand awareness with a head-turning advertising tool that’s cost-efficient and something you can bring with you wherever you go. With fleet wraps specially designed, regularly updated, and professionally applied to your company vehicles, you get the best value for your money.

If you’re in Long Island thinking, “I wish I could find a dependable sign company near me,” that’s passionate about giving your business a boost, just drop by Island Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

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