Coping with the Need for Specialized Reading Glasses

The potential need for reading glasses becomes greater as a person ages. For most, it is an opportunity to flaunt an elegantly crafted glasses chain from Etsy or stylish frames from Felix Gray. For others, it is feels more like a tragic life event that needs to be carefully grieved. Change is hard and going from perfect eyesight to struggling to read a menu in a crowd of people can be emotionally tough. It’s a reminder that all good things fade but it doesn’t have to keep you from doing what you could before. 

Focus on the goal 

Human emotion and natural insecurity aside, the goal is to be able to find more information when you need it, to read and to write. Ask yourself what is more important, the ability to curl up with a good book or appear to have perfect eyes a little longer. The International Literacy Association, ILA, states, “The ability to read, write, and communicate connects people and empowers them to achieve things they never thought possible.” Language was one of the first investments you made in this world, focus on the goal to be able to read clearly again. 

Implement the solution 

Going out and buying the glasses you secretly need should not be considered giving into older age. It’s simply a new necessity and truly, it will help avoid the appearance of ageing in several key ways. All that squinting to see a page on a book or a small price tag at a grocery store will create wrinkles around the eyes. The glasses will avoid this in the same way sunglasses prevent wrinkles from squinting at the sun. Another way glasses help avoid the appearance of aging is by keeping your communication accurate. The inability to see small print can lead to some serious miscommunication.

Further, if you need reading glasses but refuse to use them, you are probably getting that need met using others. Constantly asking someone else to read what you cannot see is drawing more attention to yourself than quietly using your own eyes with the assistance of, yes, you guessed it, reading glasses. Every problem has a solution and rather than hiring your friends and family or squint your way to crow’s feet to solve the problem, consider using the glasses. 

Love them 

Why should you have to cope with needing reading glasses? Why can’t the pendulum swing the other way, and this be a joyous thing? After all, people purchase non-prescription glasses all the time because they love the way they look. It’s a way to personalize your image and express your individual style. Start paying attention to people who wear them all around you noting what you like and don’t, then spend a little time shopping around. Consider getting several pairs and maybe even matching them to your different outfits or moods. Make this more of a treat than an obligation and think of wearing reading glasses as a new, wiser era of you.

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