Trust Google Search When Looking for Plano Restaurants?

Today, when one needs knowledge, we reach for our trusty smartphones. It practically turns you into Einstein. Well, you do have to do a little keyword searching to find the right facts, which is ultimately why you ended up here. 

Most of us rely very heavily on the information that we find on Google. It’s fast. It learns. It is updated frequently to ensure it gives us the best results according to our inquiries, but there are some factors to keep in mind when looking online. Ask any professional, and they will tell you that a lot of information on the internet is subpar or even unreliable at best. 

How do you bring credibility to your brand?

Since a majority of research is conducted online, standing out from competitors can be tough. When a potential customer wants to know where some great restaurants close to a golf course are; they may search for, “best restaurants Plano TX golf.” Since search engines are smart, they crawl the internet to find the best matches. TopGolf, an entertainment complex in Allen is one of the top generated results. It fits both the food and golf requirements of the search, but does google let you know more about this place? 

Google has a feature for business owners known as Google My Business. You can learn more about the specifics by clicking here. This allows business owners to set up a dynamic experience for interactions between owners and customers. Owners of businesses can display hours of operation, their website, and even provide a place for customers to leave reviews, ask questions, and make general comments about the business. This helps build trust and credibility because when someone does google your business, they have the opportunity to read what others have said and how you have responded to those comments, whether good or bad. 

Are you offering your customers a unique search experience? 

Another great benefit user experience when businesses signup and use the free Google service, is that it gives owners a chance to showcase unique dishes or favorite menu items. This can help entice hungry patrons to come to a particular restaurant over others. Daily specials and other things can be used to fill the space here, and it even goes a step further. 

Customers can upload photos of your business and through encouragement may also be inclined to leave a review for others to see how good you’re doing. This can be accomplished by mentioning it at the time of checkout or as they are leaving. It can be as simple as, “We appreciate visiting us today. Be sure to share your experience with others by leaving us a Google Review.” This simple gesture can work wonders and also is a fantastic resource for new customers when looking into whether or not they should visit your store. Nurturing your presence online and especially on Google is one of the most potent tools restaurants can use to help promote and market their business. 

It’s not really a question on should you trust your Google search, but more about should you believe the results you get. Does the company respond to good or bad reviews? What kind of specials do they have? Do I have to click on the website to find contact information and store hours? These are only a few questions your customers will ask themselves when looking at your Google Business listing. What does your listing say about your restaurant?

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