Stretching Exercises for Health Benefits Keeps the Doctor Away

Everyone knows how to stretch since infancy. But when you are stretching with health benefits in mind, there is a big difference in how soon you will tire by the end of the day, and how you are able to cope with body aches. Stretching exercise is done by most people who are health and fitness savvy as a way to warm up. Think of stretching your body as a sport. It can benefit everyone with a little coaching. Yoga is one of the most popular form of exercises and that involves pure stretching. 

If you are one of the millions of people who are leading a sedentary lifestyle, consider stretching at least once a day and making it a habit. Almost everyone can do it without any issue. They can even check a stretching website for ideas on how to start. This include pregnant women, people with diabetes, heart condition and arthritis. Stretching is highly adaptable as well. You can stretch alone or with a company, stretch in the comfort of your home or outside at the park, stretch down the hallway of a hotel or in the mall, stretch any time of the day, every day. You can listen to music while stretching or simply stretch during walking or jogging in the neighborhood. 

You can also lose a lot of weight by stretching. Lisa Anderson of Cincinnati lost 10 pounds in a month going from size 15 to size 11 and doing stretching exercise every day for 30 minutes. According to Harvard Health Publishing, along with minor diet changes, many people have lost fat in their body from stretching exercises such as yoga and aerobics. The more you stretch the more you lose weight as a result of calories burnt. 

The benefits of stretching exercises include but not limited to increase in good cholesterol, reduced risk of bone injuries from running or other exercises, low risk of heart disease, decreased blood pressure and so on. It can have major benefits psychologically as well. Stretching helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression giving you an opportunity to assess how you feel. Damian from Ohio found that when he was stretching every day, he had a refreshed spirit and mental stamina even after a stress-filled day of work. 

It is also important to consider good postures while stretching. Poor postures can increase tiredness and cause injuries. Keep your shoulders relaxed while stretching your hands up and down. Don’t stretch beyond your limit for more than a few minutes. You can bend arms, legs and hip as long as you are comfortable doing it. Most of all, take a full natural stride while stretching. Experts like StretchCoach caution against carrying weights while doing stretching exercise. 

Be sure to stretch before and after any vigorous exercise. Side bends, trunk rotation and leg stretches are recommended. You can stretch with or without shoes, just make sure that the shoes are flexible with proper support, heel cushions and room for toes. Better yet, consider consulting a sports medicine specialist to learn about the impact of different types of stretching on the body.

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