Calabria’s Food and Wine Arrive at Eataly Chicago

Following the New York opening, the best of DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta – Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta – Protected Geographic Indication) Calabrian specialties will conquer Chicago in celebration of the partnership between the Region of Calabria and Eataly.

An upcoming event at Eataly Chicago will teach attendees about traditional Calabrian products through food and wine tastings. At the partnership’s debut event at Eataly New York, press and Italian food enthusiasts got to know the history and products of typical Calabrian cuisine. Now, the best of these DOP and IGP products are ready to arrive to the next big city.

The special partnership with the Region of Calabria and Eataly was made possible by President Mario Oliverio, through the Internationalization Department, with the aim of promoting the best of Calabrian culture through food and wine in the United States.


The event takes place on Sunday, September 30 at 12:30 pm at the Eataly Chicago store on 43 East Ohio Street. It will begin with a greeting and toast with the President of the Region of Calabria, Mario Oliverio. Eataly’s Cheese & Wine Expert will then accompany guests to the La Scuola, Eataly’s cooking school, on a journey to discover the typical flavors and traditions of the region with an exclusive guided tasting session dedicated to enthusiasts and the press.


Starting this year, on the shelves of Eataly’s U.S. stores (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston) customers can find: new types of homemade pasta; the red onion of Tropea IGP; Caciocavallo Silano DOP cheese; the great wines of the Calabrian territory – such as red, white and rosé vintages of Cirò DOC, the Lamezia DOC, and the Savuto DOC – and sweets such as the licorice of Calabria DOP; Torrone di Bagnara IGP and the Dottato fig-based compotes of Cosenza DOP. Additionally, there will be spicy sauces made from chili pepper, and extra virgin olive oil – the king of the table in Calabria and the secret of longevity – as well as many other products that represent the best agro-food of this region.

These great events promoting the territory are all under the brand “Rosso Calabria,” or Red Calabria, which has been actively promoted by President Oliverio. The goal is to not only enhance the specialties of the beautiful territory of the ancient land between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea, but to also present its culture, character, and charm to the world. The “Rosso Calabria” brand represents the red of the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, one of the illuminated manuscripts of the New Testament, and the red of the people’s daily passion to enhance agriculture, tourism, and regional artisanship.


Calabria is the cradle of the Mediterranean Diet. In 1957, Professor Ancel Keys, founder of a new food style and psychophysical well-being, conducted a study in Nicotera, a province of Calabria, where he identified the pillars of the diet that he named “Mediterranean” which is now declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Calabria has much to offer in this rich and healthy diet – with its ancient varieties of fruit, vegetables, and typical products still preserved in their authenticity. It is with good reason that now Valter Longo, a Calabria-born Italian scientist, author of the revolutionary “The Longevity Diet,” and researcher of the University of Southern California (USC) and the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) of Milan, never misses a chance to promote and confirm the value of the simple, genuine food of his Calabrian childhood.


Created by Oscar Farinetti, Eataly is a vibrant Italian marketplace interspersed with restaurants, counters, and a cooking school. The unique environment invites guests to “Eat, Shop, and Learn” about high-quality Italian food and drink as they taste dishes, find ingredients, and take classes. Since Eataly Torino first opened in 2007, this philosophy has spread with more than 35 stores across the world, including our flagship NYC Flatiron (2010), Chicago (2013), NYC Downtown (2016), Boston (2016), Los Angeles (2017), and soon to be Las Vegas and Toronto.

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