Introducing Nature Sounds, an All New Skill for Amazon Echo to Help Relax, Study, and Sleep

Nature Sounds by JK Media is a recently launched skill available on Amazon Alexa. It is currently available on the US and Canada Amazon websites for free.

Nature Sounds is a useful tool that will help you fall asleep, relax, study or block out unwanted noises. Featuring over 14 different high quality sounds including rain, thunderstorm, ocean, waterfall and more, Nature Sounds can keep you relaxed for hours. No longer will you have to worry about those sleepless nights or stressful tasks. Turn on the sound of your choosing and relax your mind and spirit as you meditate, heal, and rejuvenate your body.  

Using the app is very simple. To begin, give the command “Alexa, open Nature Sounds”. To review the full list of supported sounds, say “Alexa, ask Nature Sounds for a list” and Alexa will show you all the available sounds. If you’re ever stuck, you can say “Alexa, ask Nature sounds for help”.

Nature Sounds consists of the following 14 sounds:

  • Rain
  • Thunderstorm
  • Rain on a Tin Roof
  • Rain on a Tent
  • Ocean
  • Smooth River
  • Wild River
  • Wind
  • Windy Leaves
  • Windy Trees
  • Waterfall
  • Forest Night
  • Forest Morning
  • Campfire

To play a sound or change sounds, say “Alexa, ask Nature Sounds to play RAIN” or any other sound of your choosing. You can also instruct Nature Sounds to pick out a random sound by saying “Alexa, ask nature sounds to play randomly”. JK Media expects to add additional sounds in the near future as the skill grows in popularity.

There are also features for loops, pause, resume, and cancel which can be initiated by saying “Alexa, ask Nature sounds to play RAIN in loop”, or “Alexa, pause”, “Alexa, resume”, and “Alexa, cancel”.

For a full list of commands, visit Nature Sounds’ Amazon page. To learn more about Nature Sounds visit, or for the US and Canadian sites.

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