Dubai based entrepreneur launches Zenepal and Recognize365 in the UAE in line with the UAE government\’s \’Happiness Initiative\’ in the HR Tech space

Dubai based successive technology enterpriser, Lewis Windle has not only become a young, proven, industry thought leader but has established several companies in the tech space that continues to grow in size and scope. With an organic passion for growth hacking, and an enthusiasm for new coding languages, applications that can reduce time, effort, and money, Lewis is proud to have introduced the world to companies that continue to impact communities. Some of the more prominent being, Zenepal, a Human Capital Management Software and Recognize365, a Rewards and Social Recognition platform.

The Essex born CEO studied at King’s College and went from (one of the worlds most reputable schools) and steamrolled that into an early introduction to the tech industry when he solidified a position at Causeway Technologies Ltd. (a global software provider that powers construction technologies) where he developed a fundamental understanding of the business while being exposed to the potential capacity of what the software solution space can encompass.

Lewis was both inspired by his colleagues and strategically determined to occupy a niche space in the market once recognizing that the SME market in Dubai was not being serviced for HR software as large Vendors bypassed the smaller contracts. In which, Lewis started to think of how he could take over that specific part of the market. With the acquisition of WM Lab Pvt in India, Lewis was able to very quickly acquire a complete HRM system that was converted and adapted to launch as a SaaS application in the UAE market.

After a brief stint at Oracle selling their HR software ‘Fusion’, the twenty-four-year-old developed and founded Kensington Group FZ LLC, a Dubai based company primarily focused on developing the very best Human Capital Management software for SME’s. The holding company houses three different HR systems run by Lewis and the HR team. Although the logistics and grassroots stages of the launch is time-consuming and meticulous, Lewis is quoted saying that the risk-reward ratio pans out considering that they are able to save their clientele such a substantial amount of time and money. More recently, Lewis is quoted saying that he “wouldn’t trade it for the world”. In 2017 Lewis sold a small HR software application to a large-scale U.S. based Venture Capital company.

In addition to running multiple startups, Windle is also an avid runner and trains regularly to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When he’s not working, Lewis likes to spend his leisure time taking in some sun by the pool and is often found catching the latest Manchester United match. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, Lewis has maintained dedication, time, energy, the vision to succeed and the courage to fail, while not merely sitting back and reaping the rewards of his past successes, but by executing the due diligence to bank on his experience to start new ventures. His organic talent for innovation confirms that while he is incredibly accomplished, Windle is equally ambitious and his relentless desire to improve work culture through modern technology prove that this is just the beginning of an impressively promising career for the young mogul.

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