FitMedikal Launches Groundbreaking Posture Corrector Treating Back, Spine, Shoulder and Articulation Conditions

The cutting-edge medical accessories supplier has developed an efficient and comforting posture brace that comes to solve a great deal of issues like Osteoporosis pain, shoulder instability, misaligned spine, strains and sprains.

New York, United States – The posture corrector for women and posture corrector for men is actually a back brace. It is a sought after therapeutic accessory, used not only by chiropractors and kinetotherapists, but also by individuals looking to have some kind of support and pain relief while doing their day to day activities at work, around the house or even in their spare time.

The problem for most back braces users is that they are faced with making difficult decisions when the moment comes to choose which product to use. Most posture correcture accessories are designed for comercial purposes and are not really concentrating on their real therapeutical implications. And as if this was not enough, the vast majority are created from synthetic fabrics that will ultimately do more damage than good.

The FitMedikal Company is an important international supplier that focuses on delivering innovative products, developed in a safe environement, using premium materials and modern, efficient designs. The FitMedikal back posture corrector minimizes the pressure to the armpits and allows airflow for drying out the dampness, so users could still move freely as usual.

The neoprene used to create this product is a high quality breathable fabric, which can easily be hidden by the users under any type of clothes. The back straightener posture corrector is lightweight and discreet and doesn’t cause skin irritation or sweating, thus it can be worn inside or outside, at home, work, school or during walks or travels.

“We always knew that premium doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. That is why we developed a product meant not only to help improve our customers conditions, but also meant to give them a real taste of what exceptional customer experience is. We created FitMedikal to bring 100% high quality products that will increase the standard of living and well-being of people with back, spine, clavicle and articulation related conditions,” said Amir Campbell, the co-founder of FitMedikal.

Though this clavicle brace was created with an incredible attention for details, one “ingredient” is truly responsible for making this product a state-of-the-art one: as stated above, the neoprene. The fabric in itself is a multi-purpose solution that solves the most common problems back brace users face.

When it comes to the design of this body wellness posture corrector, it is good to know that it has adjustable straps thanks to which it fits both teenagers and adults, men and women. The back brace is specially designed to ensure a maximum of comfort and to fit 30 to 51 inches or 75 to 150 cm in circumferences.

All the features of this unique and effective posture corrector for women and men contribute to qualify it as a trailblazing alternative to all those products of poor quality. The back brace doesn’t just serve its purpose as a therapeutical accessory, but, as we already specified, also ensures a high standard of comfort and discretion.

“Our goal is to ensure that customers with back, spine, clavicle and articulation related conditions get the best treatment and obtain notable results while feeling comfortable enough to go on with their life and daily activities. We know that in this century this type of pain should no longer remain unresolved,” said Campbell.

FitMedikal Innovative Back Posture Corrector for both Women & Men has recently been released on and in order to celebrate this important moment, FitMedikal made available a bonuses package, consisting of: 1 Under Arm Pads, 1 Inflatable Neck Pillow for Traveling, 1 Educational E-BOOK, 24 Hours Customer support, Video Instruction, 3 Years Money Back Guarantee.

FitMedikal Company offers all the support and understanding for its customers. That is why they offer not only this great value back brace posture corrector at a reasonable low price, but also the possibility of a replacement or refund in case the product does not suit or work. It is important to know that there is a limited amount of products in stock, so visit to get yours now!

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