X-CASH presents a global payment solution to connect merchants, customers and banks

X-CASH is a global blockchain network that enables anyone to send and receive payments at ultra-fast speed and low transaction cost. The platform is created with an aim to bring an all-in-one, innovative payment solution to connect merchants, customers, and banks from around the world while reducing the transaction time and cost by up to 99% as compared to the traditional methods. Their native XCASH coin is already listed on some of the major exchanges like TradeSatoshi, Cryptopia, Stocks Exchange and Cryptohub.

Since the time of the crypto revolution, a number of technologies have been developed to improve payments using blockchain technology. X-CASH has explored this opportunity by using the latest technology to make blockchain payment a mainstream option. By using third-party implementations in their protocols, including the banking industry and building an active link to financial markets, X-CASH manages to increase their liquidity and decrease the volatility of their exchange rate.

X-CASH offers a number of advantages over the traditional centralized networks including banks that generally charge high fees for transactions. On the other hand, transaction costs on the X-CASH platform are negligible, regardless of the amount involved. Moreover, there are no maintenance fees like in traditional networks which means the account balance remains the same. In the traditional payment systems, the fund’s transfer may take up to several days but on X-CASH network, the transactions take only 30 seconds on an average, regardless of the amount or destination.

Unlike the traditional payment solutions that are limited to a particular geographical location, X-CASH network, is based on the blockchain technology that allows the user to make all kinds of payments, including complex ones. In addition, the blockchain nature of X-CASH network also opens gates for constant improvements and fast evolution resulting in better services in the near future.

X-CASH is accompanied by the X-CASH wallet, a light, efficient and secure option to store coins. This wallet features a user-friendly interface where the users can check their transactions and expenditure easily. It is secured using cryptonote encryption that provides full privacy, security, and anonymity to the user. The wallet users can send and receive payments in a just a few clicks at a cost of less than $0.001 per transaction.

X-CASH also organizes Airdrop of the XCASH coins every month through which 1% of the coins are released to the community for free. The Airdrop for the current month is now live since September 21st and the users can simply register at no cost to get a fraction of the released amount, till September 31st.

More information can be found at https://www.x-cash.org/

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