Mori of Norway Introducing Organic Nappy Rash Cream on Amazon Europe

London – September 22, 2018 – Mori of Norway launches organic nappy rash cream on Amazon Europe. The organic nappy rash cream is a nourishing wound protection cream, which safeguards the sensitive skin from rashes and soreness. The refreshing cream is a blend of aloe vera, beeswax, jojoba oil and rapeseed oil – all certified organic. E-vitamin and shea butter.

This mixture of natural ingredients gives optimum protection and great moisture. The CEO of the skin producing firm stated that ‘application of organic nappy rash cream is simple and effective‘. The nourishing cream contains an adequate quantity of fat, which helps in keeping the moisture at bay.

The cream acts as a defensive mechanism against harsh climatic conditions which is not favorable to the delicate skin. The skin care product is best recommended for newborn babies and up, but can be used by people of all ages. Owing to the absence of paraffin oil and other preservatives, the organic nappy rash cream helps in alleviating skin allergies.

Diaper rash ointments are exclusively meant to prevent skin irritations, rashes, blemish and abrasion. The presence of beeswax acts as a protective layer to prevent diaper rash, and is very helpful in healing chapped skin as well as skin rashes. The organic nappy rash cream is a protective barrier in between the skin and the diaper.

“Since giving this wonder cream a try her eczema has cleared pretty much entirely,” says Alan after using the cream on her 3 year old daughter.

Usually, the nourishing cream is applied to those affected spots on a regular basis. The affected areas should be cleaned thoroughly using soap and water before the application of the cream. The experts suggest continuing the process of applying the cream until the redness fades away. The baby’s nappy should be changed at regular intervals and ensure those areas are kept neat, clean and dry.

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Mori of Norway is specialized in the distribution of authentic, organic and allergy certified skin products. The valued certificate helps her to supply superior quality and environment-friendly skin care products catering to people of all ages.

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