Anah Jochebed Released New Book Titled “The Messiah”

September 22, 2018 – Desensitization author Anah Jochebed talks about the issues in today’s time which she calls as “the continuous circumference of Hell since the beginning of time” in her book “The Messiah”. Her description points out , calling to all “spiritless souls hiding behind these walls which they have built” to stop damaging other souls and obey morality and social rules in a Godly Perspective.

Anah Jochebed emphasizes the Christian’s perspective regarding morality and social rules. By including Bible verses, essays, illustrations and other religious texts, it is intended to send readers a deeper understanding of what it means to be a warrior of God who puts the importance on the lives of others is the way of Gods naturalistic Created Mosaic family.

“The Messiah” is filled with words by Jochebed to bring comfort and guidance to those who are lost and wrongly done and bring kind words to those who have committed wrong. Jochebed offers this book to those who are lost in faith and bring them meaning to life, to deliver their purpose, as was intended.

This book should not be used to sum up ones own hardships in which to retaliate towards others, nor should one attempt to assume the emotional status of the author for all these things have been overcome through the works of God. “For what has happened to me has served to advance the gospel.” In her book, Jochebed says that “Many will live on in disbelief, many will simply give up in frustration, many will become angered and disappointed…” There is more to life than every downfall, that We should Not pursue blame, and with every defeat comes an opportunity to stand up for what is right and good and live life in the way of God.

One religious text written in her book is the story, “The Garden of Eden”, and she talks about how Eve’s freedom of choice lead her to a path which caused the fall of man. Despite being able to fill temporary cravings and abrupt wants, the eternal consequences of our decisions lies in the current choices we have made. And in that very moment, we lose ourselves for a temporary pleasure. If faith and interacting with God remained at that very moment, we could have avoided doing others and ourselves wrong.

We do things wrong and continue to do wrong to others is in our lack of understanding of language, the unspeakable spoken every day through our actions and loss of God having been obliterated by humanities consequences. And in the midst of this darkness, our faith is continuously tested with God’s knowing.

An excerpt from the “The Messiah”:

“Some demons are vicious; they are those who scream vile, filthy foul language when provoked or wakened. They are dangerous and enraged. They are those whose lives have been taken from them unjustly, those who have suffered evil at the expense of others, those who have raised them, and those who have interfered with the workings of God, the supernatural, ghosts, others, who torment in Hell”.

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About the author:

Anah Jochebed is the author of a compilation of works, “Codex I – God”. A person who once had her share of downfalls and unfairness while properly serving her country, she hopes to inspire others through this book to not lose one’s self despite all the negatives, for light shall become your stronghold, it shall shine on in what you have come to know and what you know not. Should this book fail one’s little black cloud and need to share pains, fails at the fear of inferiority and self and others in ones own deeply ingrained sick.

I give much thanks to those who stuck with me through the deciphering of this book, who continued to share their support and love with me!, although I wouldn’t recommend to anyone taking this path!

Personal/Favorite Quote: “It is not possible to worship a wicked God while living amongst the evil.” – Anah Jochebed

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