Kcc scientific addresses the issue of proper power conversion with power conversion products

For many devices that you plug into the mains outlet, both voltage and frequency matter. If you attempt to use devices originating from a country with a different power grid standard, or if you travel, KCC Scientific has finally addressed this important issue: proper power conversion means both frequency and voltage must be considered. Until recently, finding high-quality power conversion products was impossible.  Because of this, no reasonably priced means existed to do this conversion correctly. 

The consequence of unavailable frequency conversion was that power conversion was done with devices that converted voltage only (often called transformers), resulting in problems, malfunctions, breakdowns, and safety risks. What’s more, even today many budget  power converters still have no safety certifications. Or, worse – the “certifications” provided are sometimes counterfeit or at least very misleading, giving the consumer a false sense of security.

Thankfully, at KCC Scientific, each expertly designed voltage and frequency converter includes a safety-certified, universal wall adapter so it can be used safely anywhere in the world. All KCC products produce the very smooth, clean sine wave power your device was designed for. KCC Scientific products are conservatively power rated, and well-protected from overloads, which is important to both the converter and the device being operated.

When considering power conversion, look for an innovative company that stands behind its products and proves they have the expertise and knowledge to solve the entire power conversion problem. Designed and made in the USA, all KCC Scientific products are proudly backed by a two-year warranty.

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