New Social Platform MaberMe Enables Thought Leaders to Share Their Knowledge

The modern world is filled with professionals, academically and self-taught, that have accrued precious insights into their business field. A new social platform, MaberMe, will offer a distribution portal that will allow others to quickly access and learn from these authoritative sources. 

Unlike many social networks which flood users with information, MaberMe is specifically focused on cultivating relationships with the thought leaders in marketing. The rewards for members who join MaberMe will be immediate; they will be able to leverage incisive analysis of their skills to leapfrog their competitors and accelerate their professional progression. There is also the opportunity to develop relationships with these industry leaders through social marketing activities.

A key benefit of using MaberMe is that startup companies are able to quickly use the available marketing information to identify the ways they can take control of the distribution of business information. The powerful marketing techniques and expertise that MaberMe offers, not only saves members time and effort by centralizing the most relevant information, but also enables businesses to quickly position themselves in a crowded marketplace and promote themselves to their most important audience segments.

MaberMe is a dynamic and unrestricted platform that will adapt to the changing state of the business world. This immensely promising web application is likely to reshape the business landscape, but MaberMe requires the financial support of the public to complete development. The MaberMe team has sponsored a fundraising campaign through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with the hope of securing $90,000. These funds will be used to pay for personnel salaries, website development, legal costs, and business supplies.

In return for supporting this historic project, backers may receive perks like closed Beta invitations, hoodies, MaberMe memberships, T-shirts, invitations to the launch party, professional consultations, training sessions, or social marketing workshops. 

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