Affordable Dental Care Now Available to Canadians in Need

The Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry strive to ensure Canadians who are struggling to find affordable dental care can get the care they need.

Maintaining proper dental health is important, so it is essential there are no feelings of reluctance toward getting dental work done.

Offering free services or payment plans, Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry is committed to helping. To find out more visit their website.

While the Canadian healthcare system has done a great job at making sure citizens’ needs are met, dental care remains a problem for many. Canadians spend almost $12 billion annually on dental services, but there are glaring inequalities in access to oral health care — especially for the poor.

On a global level, Canada appears to be scoring among the bottom in terms of providing publicly-funded dental health care. While Finland supports 79% of its population’s dental expenses, Canada funds about 6%. It is becoming more obvious why dental clinics need to start considering financial flexibility and relief for those who simply can’t afford to see a dentist.

An Angus Reid Institute report published in 2018 reinforces this finding. 21% of Canadians who participated in this study said that dental care was not affordable. In the study, over half of the respondents were aged 35 to 54 and reported struggling financially. It’s no wonder why dental care is lower on the priority list.

People with disabilities under the Ontario Disability Support Program, people on Ontario Work Benefits, veterans, and native and Inuit Canadians who are in need can make use of Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry’s services.

Poor Oral Health Implications

Poor oral care, at any age, has a serious effect on overall health. Since the mouth is a focal point for bacteria which can compromise the entire immune system, it’s important to maintain a clean mouth. Infections can contribute to a series of chronic illnesses and worsen many others. Disregarding oral care can cause unbearable, debilitating pain.

House Call Services Available

Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry is ready to provide house call service to patients who prefer the comfort of their home, hospital, or long-term care facility.

About Osmin Denture Clinic and Smile Diana Dentistry

Known as one of the best denture and dental clinics in Toronto, Osmin Denture Clinic has been providing patients in North York and throughout Toronto with outstanding service for decades.

This clinic feels a social responsibility to restore the quality of social and personal lives, contributing to the community of Toronto.

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