Healthee Kitchen: Delivering Healthy Meals in Toronto

Healthee Kitchen is delivering healthy, low-calorie, nutritious and exceptionally delicious meals to Toronto residents. Whether you want a healthy lunch delivered to you at the office or a low-calorie yet filling meal for your family ready to go at dinner time, Healthee Kitchen has you covered.

Healthee Kitchen offers various meal plans and menus depending on what works for you, the customer. Whether it’s food for one person or dinner for the entire family, they can provide it. The meal plans are customizable and versatile. There are lots of choices for customers looking to lose weight, or others who are interested in healthy meals made from locally sourced produce. While the meals are low-fat, low-calorie and high in protein, they are delicious and filling, with perfect portions to leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy. For more information about Healthee Kitchen, visit their website.


Healthee Kitchen is focused on customer convenience. The guesswork is taken out of the equation. Calories and fat content are provided; your meals are balanced. Unlike other meal delivery services, the planning, prep, cooking and cleanup are all done ahead of time. How does this differ from ordering takeout? Your meal plan is organized ahead of time; your calories and carbs are under control, and you are still getting restaurant-quality, fresh food that works with your schedule. It’s the same convenience minus the guilt. In addition to healthy meals, high-protein snacks are included with each delivery to keep you energized.


Healthee Kitchen is perfect for busy professionals who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but are often pressed for time. It frees up extra time that might otherwise be spent in the grocery store or cooking. This allows for a yoga class, a trip to the gym or a walk around the neighborhood.


It can be difficult to cook a variety of meals each week that are healthy, low-fat, high in protein, while still being delicious and satisfying. It can be much easier to simply get a pizza delivered or cook a pot of pasta, filling and high in carbs but lacking in nutritional content. The Healthee Kitchen team has got you covered; the plans are custom crafted to meet your nutritional and dietary needs while still making each dish delicious and savory. Whether you’re looking for lower sodium meals or are watching your carbs, the team can design a meal plan that will work perfectly.


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About Healthee Kitchen

Healthee Kitchen is a healthy food delivery service based in Toronto, serving the Greater Toronto Area. The company provides fresh, cooked food in microwavable containers on a regular schedule determined by the customer.

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