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Drug detox is a condition the body undergoes when a person is being deprived of a substance that they believe is needed in order for survival. During this detox process, the person’s body begins showing signs and symptoms that are so upsetting and unpleasant they feel obligated to seek out the drug in order to get rid of those feelings. 


A person with an addiction will often try several times to quit doing the drug they have become addicted to, with unsuccessful results.  The reason for a person’s failed attempts to quit using is they do not know how to handle the effects of detox. With a medically supervised treatment plan for detox, the addicted person stands a much better chance for complete rehabilitation and the opportunity of a lifelong recovery.    


The severity of drug detox is varying from person to person. There are several factors that determine the treatment plan that is going to be most effective course of action. For instance, an addiction to Marijuana is generally a lot milder than an addiction to Opioids. The age of the user, their physical, mental, and/or psychological state also is a factor, as well as how long the person has been using the substance.  


Drug detox is a necessary part of the rehabilitation process and the professionals at Addiction Rehab Toronto know how to get an individual through it successfully. 


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