Sustainable Wellness! Dr. Kevin P. Greene Shares Unique Health Optimization Approach in Newly Released Bestseller!

Waitsfield, VT, USA — Yale graduate, Dr. Kevin P. Greene, has now authored a new bestseller, Diving Deep Into Your Health: How to Live in Optimal Wellness, for people who are fed up with traditional/modern medicine. Instead of presenting wellness and medical science as separate ideas, Dr. Greene uses evidence-based research to create a truly valuable health and wellness manual for his readers. Combining tangible research with his own unique sources, Dr. Greene creates a highly strategic and systematic approach towards optimum health. The book provides many tools to accurately identify health issues. It also covers many topics including diet, supplements, hormones and much more.

Diving Deep Into Your Health is a comprehensive guide with strategies that can be easily adapted to each individual. The book identifies ‘Seven Pillars of Optimal Wellness’. These seven pillars encompass Dr. Greene’s immense knowledge not only as a highly qualified doctor, but also as an expert in preventative and alternative health techniques. The book helps readers develop a more enthusiastic attitude towards health management, while providing valuable yet easy-to-use resources. According to Dr. Greene, the precedent for all health and wellness techniques is to be proactive about health and setting preventative measures in place. Not only does he provide effective insight on paying attention to the body’s responses to different factors, he also documents his own health and wellness journey. He shares all details of his personal experience with adapting to a sustainable wellness approach.

Dr. Kevin P. Greene, MD, is known for his unique approach. While being highly qualified, he chooses to deploy innovative methods that help people find real wellness without additional stress. In 1990, he graduated from Yale with a BA in Chemical Engineering. It was then that he had his calling and decided to opt for medical school. He began pursuing his medical education at the Georgetown University School of Medicine where he graduated in 1995. Further ahead into his education, he earned the ‘Intern of The Year’ title in 1996 during his Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Greene has received praise for his unique work from patients and recognizing authorities alike. In 2002, he was awarded the ‘Best Doctor of Southington’ title. Throughout his career, his main goal has been to provide integrative solutions to every patient and help them achieve optimum wellness. Instead of working as just a doctor, he acts as a coach and teammate for his patients.

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