UK Supplier of Bags Show Local Businesses the Importance of Recycled Materials

Devon, UK — Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important to businesses, their practices, and their customers. Finding a packaging supplier that meets these standards can be difficult. Big Brown Carrier Bag has made it their mission to change that. They’re a small business whose ambition is to provide businesses and regular people with a variety of recycled bags for different purposes. 

Using recycled materials is one of the best ways to help the environment. Recycling not only helps the world but the people living in it as well. The amount of waste in the world is rapidly increasing as global wealth and population increases. Despite this, most packaging products are still made with materials that are not biodegradable.

According to the Department for Environment Food & Rural Areas, the UK is actually ahead of the curve when it comes to using recycled materials based on standards set by the EU. Companies like Big Brown Carrier Bag are helping to make this happen and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Big Brown Carrier Bag strives to show how a simple paper bag can be effectively and festively used for a variety of reasons. Printed paper bags can be customised to have any logo or design, a feature that’s been valuable to local businesses looking for branding opportunities. These can be used for takeaway food or luxury gift bags. The company also produces coloured recyclable carriers for books and other items. Big Brown Carrier Bag claims to offer highly competitive prices to ensure their clients get the best for less. Their products go beyond brown and also beyond paper. They carry bespoke natural cotton bags that customers can use for life. Each part of their paper bags and other products are recyclable, including the handles in the bags found here:

Knowing the effects that converting raw materials has makes it obvious why buying recycled materials from businesses like Big Brown Carrier Bag is a more eco-friendly option. To collect raw materials, animal habitats are often destroyed. These efforts also contribute to devastating deforestation. During the production of packaging materials, companies use a huge amount of energy. When people recycle and buy recycled products, they help preserve natural resources.

Recycled materials don’t have to be bland or drab. Big Brown Carrier Bag knows this. More importantly, they take pride in creating fashionable products while using materials that are ethically sourced. The promise they give their customers is that they’ll make high-quality coloured recyclable carries and provide excellent customer service every time. So far, they’ve appeared to deliver on those promises. As the rest of the world tries to catch up with UK’s environmentalist efforts, Big Brown Carrier Bag seeks to create new, innovative recycled bag lines. To learn more about their products, those interested can visit their website at

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