Santo Coffee Cubes to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their product

A portion of proceeds will be donated to help coffee growers and their children have a better quality of life and education.

Santo Coffee Cubes proudly announced to all coffee lovers the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their latest coffee product. The campaign will be started by the end of September or Early October 2018. With the upcoming campaign, Santo Coffee Cubes is inviting everyone that is interested in coffee to sign up and back them upon the launch of their product. When launched, the coffee will be available for purchase in both the USA and Canada.

“Our goal is to fund our project to be able to get our first stock within the US, we want to be  able to hire a team and start the production and packaging in the US in our own offices instead of our own garage, we aim to produce 7 new flavor profiles including a healthier and wellness line: Ginseng Coffee Cubes, Ginger Coffee Cubes, and Cardamom Coffee, to not just bring a great coffee experience to our customers cup, but a drink that can bring benefits to your body. Also, we will implement Green Tea Cubes, Non-Sweetened Coffee Cubes, and Espresso Coffee Cubes,” said the spokesman for Santo Coffee Cubes while talking about the campaign.

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Coffee Cubes are made with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives, they are produced only with natural and USDA organic ingredients. The Coffee Cubes are sweetened with raw unrefined sugar cane originated from Colombia which is a non-crystallized and non centrifugal type of sugar, which doesn’t involve chemicals and refining processes, making it more convenient and easier to digest than white sugar. Coffee Cubes are perfect for outdoor people that are always on the go; people that hate a mess to do coffee. Furthermore, Coffee Cubes are suitable for entrepreneurs or business people that do not have enough time to brew their coffee at home or spend time in queue at Starbucks for 30 minutes and pay $5 to $6 for a cup of coffee.

The product is portable which enables you to carry it with you anywhere at any time, it is fast and easy to prepare because it will take less than 30 seconds to prepare. And most importantly, it is produced in cubes and this makes it so simple to use.

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About Santo Coffee Cubes

Santo Coffee Cubes is a startup of 2 young entrepreneurs (Ian Bernal and Horacio Ramirez) that have been working on this idea for more than 2 years, developing a tasty, high quality and easy coffee experience, within the simplicity of a patent pending Coffee Cubes.

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