Birth of the Cosmic Swan: Flight Into Eternity The Best Science Fiction Of 2018

One of the most exciting science fiction writers of our time takes science fiction to the next level with their new book titled Birth Of The Cosmic Swan. Bill Copeland has used his experience and knowledge of outer space to bring a story that has never been told before.

One of the most talked about and read science fiction books of 2018 is now available on Amazon. The book which has been written by Bill Copeland takes his experience of working with NASA and his deep love for space to bring science fiction lovers an unforgettable story with a strong plot. Birth Of The Cosmic Swan: Flight Into Eternity is a book that readers will find very hard to put down.

The new book from Bill Copeland takes science fiction to the next level. The book which is suitable for people of all ages from young adults to adults interested in science fiction, the future, and outer space, has gained huge exposure around the world for its storyline.

The storyline follows the character Mark, who is a Geologist and flies to the Himalayas to find the reason for the growing earthquakes. During his investigation he comes across a woman called Kusoom. This woman is like no other. Kusoom is a leader of a cult.

Mark becomes injured in a fight to save Kusoom and wakes up in Space on a living planet. Kusoom tells Mark about a tsunami like no other that will soon destroy the planet earth. Mark wants to save planet earth but Kusoom says it would not be possible. However, she said the council of Galactic Sentients may help. Will Mark be able to save the planet Earth, read the book now and found out?

This new science fiction book has to be read, once read you will read it again and tell family and friends about it, for more information please visit

About the Author

Since early childhood, Bill was fascinated with the stars. Through the clear skies of California, he watched the planets and constellations march through the seasons. He studied at San Diego and San Jose state colleges. With a Bachelor’s degree in Math and Master’s degree in Cybernetic Systems, he worked for 40 years as a software engineer. He developed programs, proposals, and user instructions for control systems at Silicon Valley hi-tek leaders such as UNIVAC, Ampex, Daisy Systems, HP, and SAP. During his work on the Apollo project at NASA, he saw early pictures of the Earth rising over the Moon, looking like a blue marbled egg. Aha, Bill says, the Earth is the place we are born, our egg, and not our home forever. If we learn and obey the laws of science, study space, and treat each other and our planet very carefully, humanity will survive without end.

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