Celebrity singer Biswajit Nanda Released his New Single ‘Ae Khuda’

Acclaimed Indian singer Biswajit Nanda released his new track “Ae Khuda”on 5th August, 2018 on YouTube. The Song received huge response and love from the audience.

The song is a blend of Bollywood and Opera genres. It is a unique fusion song owing to the presence of talented Greek composer Dmitry Orlov and eminent Greek opera singer named Sunny Levi. Furthermore, international sand artist Anastasia Zolotova also joined the team.

“Ae Khuda” is a song which is dedicated to the God almighty for optimum peace, love and harmony. Lyricist Sajeev Sarathie had beautifully carved out the utmost devotion to God. His lyrics also portrays the merciless reality of the world. The moral of this song is to ensure love and peace eliminating all the barriers and intense dislike amongst the human beings. The darkness is found each and everywhere in this world. The daily newspapers and media project how humankind is involved in chaos across the globe.

Most of the people have begun to lose their faith and trust which is quite similar to a candle light flickering during its final stages of being blown out. Each one is scouting for a breathing space to survive. Likewise, there are quite a few who is striving to consume food. The team had succeeded in executing the production of music and release of the video. The album is expected to capture the hearts of millions of followers and subscribers.

“Bekhud” is one of Biswajit Nanda’s masterpieces. It featured legendary singer Hema Sardesai which got released last year.

About Biswajit Nanda

Biswajit Nanda is a renowned Indian singer who is currently residing at London. He had sung and performed a wide range of solo songs including “Bekhud” and “Ye Saari Subahen”. Biswajit had recently launched a new album named “Ae Khuda” via You Tube Channel. He strongly believes in the motto “There is only one entertainment, which is good entertainment”.

He had worked in joint collaboration with eminent music composers including Dmitry Orlov, Rishi Balaji and Subhojit. Some of the famous lyricists such as Sajeev Sarathie and Vishwa Deepak are also working actively for the forthcoming album.

Visit the official website of Biswajit Nanda http://www.biswajitnanda.com. Stay tuned to experience some Biswajit’s finest fusion songs.

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