Soldier Turned Grad Student Seeks Solutions For Romania’s Poverty Issues

SHERIDAN, WYO – Sep 24, 2018 – When graduate student Jared Snyder began planning his thesis project, he had no idea it would place just as many demands on him as his military training did. Enrolled at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Snyder is pursuing a Master of Divinity with an emphasis on Marketplace Ministry. The project he completes must have ties to the work he’ll be doing upon graduating. Intent on working in Eastern Europe, Snyder’s project involves the study of Romania’s economic and social conditions, with a specific focus on how literacy and comprehension rates inform job selection, especially among women, who are often ensnared by desperate work in pornography or prostitution.

He has already completed hundreds of hours of research as he prepares for a 9-month visit to Romania, where he will continue his studies and also do missions work. For this reason, Snyder is conducting a fundraising campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete the extensive research project aimed at improving conditions for Romania’s youth and female demographics:

“I am confident that if I can successfully raise the funds I need, I will be in a better position to help resolve some of the more pressing issues.”

Having struggled with poverty and homelessness for most of his adult life, Snyder says he can relate to many of the people he is helping. He also visits some of the adult webcam websites to speak with the young women, trying to understand what motivated them to take on the work:

“If you ask a Romanian webcam sex worker why she’s doing it, she’ll probably have a ‘legitimate’ reason that seems to justify her choice. However, once you really get to know her, you’ll learn things are much more different below the surface. The deep conversations I’ve had with them have resulted in them breaking down into tears. Many of them are broken and desperate women. The studios and sex cam sites intentionally target Romania and Eastern Europe for this reason. They are preying on their desperation.”

Romanian studios advertise online with the intent of glamorizing the lifestyle to make women believe they will become wealthy and happy. He notes that there are tens of thousands of women competing online for this type of work, so neither the work nor the income are steady.

Snyder’s project has been endorsed by several notable professionals, including Dr. Mihai C. Bocarnea:

“As for your research project, it is truly wonderful. I pray you get the support you need to complete it as planned.”

Originally from Romania, Borcarnea is considered an expert in the areas of research methods, quantitative analysis and statistics.

About Jared Snyder

Despite being a high school dropout, Jared Snyder was the first in his family to obtain a 4-year degree, and the only to pursue a Master’s degree. He most recently served with the California State Guard, in the Chaplain Corps. He has struggled with abject poverty and homelessness for most of his adult life. “I am still in that boat,” he adds, “but I press on and faithfully serve as an advocate for the downcast.”

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